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South Shenzhen city homemaking of a mountainous area Le Xiang
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Homemaking of a mountainous area Le Xiang is The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of classics Shenzhen city south the homemaking that door approve registers serves a company (register name: 4403012087370) . My company held water 2002, win Shenzhen user with excellent service reputably. We serve a purpose: Good communication, considerate service, make a client satisfactory. The company already established cooperative relationship with the Women's Federation of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Jiangxi, and other places and labor bureau, form domestic clerk to carry, groom, the service mode of mount guard, management. Company business project: Offer teaching in home of labour of live baby-sitter, long short-term time, each family, confinement to nurse in the round, the patient is accompanied protect, the old person nurses, domestic Ju Qingjie. ★ phone: Mailbox of 0755-26667000 26669697 13798324457 Miss Pan: Pxm723@163.COM address: South Shenzhen city a mountainous area 304 rooms of family member building learn in often promoting Lu Lixiang

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