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High school maths, physics, science coachs
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Equestrian teacher: Shenzhen key middle school, .20 of teacher of horse of fancy mathematics teacher is old of school age, 15 years tall teacher of 3 graduation class, proposition of old the university entrance exam reads a teacher, place education student rises Beijing University. The top-ranking institution of higher learning such as Tsinghua of 1000 people, recruit high school each grade student. Think Beijing University to look for me. Write much ministry books and periodicals, be judged to be the class that visit town for years outstanding teacher. Severe teacher: Long at first of knowledge of high school physics join, be good at the transmission of physical thinking method, overcome “ physics effectively to learn the scared psychology of ” hard. Develop right head potential, use the training method that or so head uses evenly, make the student's thinking more acumen, deeper, closer, learn the physics of bad ” without “ , learn bad method only. Face-to-face communication, new with the communication of the heart you differ what feel severe teacher really.
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