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Shenzhen installs large homemaking head office greatly
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Our company actual strength is abundant, the service is good, there is contact place in each district, your requirement can get satisfaction inside the shortest time. 1-24 is taken after our company offer afterwards month elder brother's wife all the year round the outstanding nursery governess of lunar cheeper and provide baby-sitter, family education for a long time, nurse, hour labour, confinement nurses, the old and weak is accompanied protect etc, the employee quality that our company offer culture level is tall, high, let the child get pleasure, let an old person get comforting. The homemaking service personnel that our company acceptance altogethers to enter office in our company is disobedient in the job the arrangement of employer or do not comply with the management of the company, uniform discharge gives our company, and every month is on the net release the list that violates compasses homemaking personnel. Our affirmatory and regular meeting makes you satisfactory!
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