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Shenzhen city the world is happy large homemaking company
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Company of happy homemaking of Shenzhen city the world is via The Ministry of Commerce and Industry the door registers hold water (register name: 4403036210352) . The each province the Women's Federation such as our company and Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Shandong cooperates, annual provides professional, eligible, reliable, outstanding, able baby-sitter, family education, time elder brother's wife of labour, month, the old and weak is accompanied protect. The company has the administrative team of the administrative pattern with one perfect a complete set of and high quality. This homemaking company already became the large homemaking company that normative service, professional level, characteristic is managed. In a few years our company are grasping sincere letter, considerate, patient, meticulous service principle. Gained the high reputation of broad Shenzhen client! With young change, specialization, standard of urban melt into, want you to trust only, company of happy large homemaking will be the world you bring up a kind to set one's mind at, melting household lives.
5D of building of Le Feng of garden of Lu Dongle of heart of cloth of area of Shenzhen city collect lake
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