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Hit, dozen -- lay a person dozen?
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Going up the nephew of elementary school writes in the courtyard, the edge writes Bian Nian “ to hit —— to hit —— to hit dozen of ” of the person. I listened to a heart Libujiao one Jing, ability is how old bit how does the person know to lay a person. Ask him then: Does but “ cleans the “ of wholesome ” to hit ” ,the “ that you write make ” word? He shakes his head saying is not, it is “ hits the “ of person ” to hit ” . I say also is “ cleans the “ of wholesome ” to hit ” . His argue explanation is incorrect, their teacher says this. Hearing this word is not a flavor immediately in my heart, be, how is the meeting wrongly does the teacher say? This dot knows to adore a teacher, teacher of alone of every word and deed is honour, what how can this teacher teach child “ to lay a person to know to hit ” ?

Not come singly but in pairs. One day sits on the bus, there is in there is a father to conceive on the side " learn to read with the aid of pictures " , teach the girl know how to read, what read aloud in the mouth is dozen of ” that “ hits —— to hit —— to lay a person, that child also reads aloud accordingly. My astounded.

Turn over business affairs to imprint book house student is used " new China dictionary " , “ hits ” word to have no less than 4 kinds of explanations, only its show all sorts of movements as the verb, have open an umbrella, dozen well, wax, dozen sweater, make food, call, clean sanitation to wait a moment. Why to choose “ to hit dozen of ” of the person to teach the child unluckily as teacher and parent? Is this accidental merely? In case is such, can we also teach what kill ” , “ to bite a person to bloodguilty of “ of child such as to bite ” , “ to have a person eat ” to wait a series of terms that violate an object with artificial goal or blow a moment? In the child little in the heart with chasteness, we cannot sow next good seeds, contrary, bury next violent evil roots for them, is this the mistake that we make teacher and parent? We cannot church the traditional goodness of their good intentions, however church dozen of ” that their “ lays a person.

Of course, you also can say mere a word, a term, worth while so spoffish? But I can say to be passed just about so an a word, term, we scatter the seed that left force on the child's heart. Be in especially today, a lot of modern mind drugs that contain content of violent, yellow are passing the channel such as game, cartoon, network to gobbling up the child's heart stealthily, develop more in this information, the times that the child's manna shorts increasingly the more, we are returned can turn a blind eye to, still can teach what to them “ lays a person to hit ” , can you still continue is this kind of force taught illuminatively?
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