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Is the good teacher of new era what kind of?
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Is the good teacher of new era what kind of? This is the topic of an opinions differ from each other probably. Not long ago, shanghai Hua Dong division is old in speech that a Gao Sanxue lays 2 attached middle school on school flag-raising ceremony, “ discusses the good teacher ” that how does new era from the perspective of a student and everybody, to Han Yu " division says " medium “ preach, give job, dispel doubts ” made him unscramble.

He thinks, the “ propagandist ” on new era meaning, should understand to do true person for church student, help student establishs idea of true patriotism, collectivistic, socialism to wait. Alleged “ awards ” of course of study, want to teach a student institutional innovation namely. Contemporary “ dispels doubts ” , should understand for: Build the atmosphere of harmonious, mutual valued such as life of a division. He says: “ wishs our teacher can affect a person with exalted sentiment, lead a person with right idea, arm with substantial knowledge person, portray a person with integrated ability, and always nurture ‘ one's pupils or disciples not character, issue the beauty from Cheng Qi ’ . ”

This speech is in Hua Dong division is old 2 attached middle school cause intense echo, the school gives collectivity quickly the teacher speech print and distribute, begin discuss, a lot of teachers are active also anew the job that angle ponders over him.

What is new point of view? It is conversion think, see a problem from the student's angle, allow a student conversely “ teachs ” the teacher. Actually, teach with learning is an interactive process, listen to the student's report and opinion ceaselessly only, adjust oneself educational education content and pattern ceaselessly accordingly, pedagogic ability obtains the student's self-identity, ability does educational work weller, ability and when all is entered.

the teacher the “ authority from traditional sense is pulled on ” position, crouch next bodies and student equality to communicate, the effect that is not homiletic division is not main, and rather, this was highlighting special significance of the teacher, it is the taller requirement that new condition raises to the teacher. The good teacher of new era, want to have extensive knowledge not only, grumous individual glamour, the artistic quality that still wants education of be particular about and efficient, ceaseless pursuit innovates. The student should be own development is individual, development of their uniqueness, creativity needs pedagogic guiding to give directions; The teacher had both only the ability that guide and shows, ability is competent this one divine career, and the promotion of pedagogic business quality and intellectual competence, also need to be aroused what come from a student ceaselessly. This is the truth of ” of “ teaching benefits teachers as well as students.
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