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Ministry of Education teachs a worker the opinion of staff level about secondary
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Teach a worker army management job to improve secondary training school and full-time middle and primary school, bring into play teach a worker enthusiasm
, improve work efficiency, in order to get used to the 4 requirements that change construction to the enterprise develops and rise to common education, our Ceng Yu goes
Year held whole nation was drafted on conference of general teaching job one therein the discussion draft that division and middle and primary school teach a worker staff level.
This discussion draft classics seeks an opinion with all possible means, research discussion, measure bedding face because of middle and primary school eventually wide, the difference between the area is bigger, difficult
The staff level that can get used to this differentia in order to decide to fasten and did not promulgate. Accordingly, about secondary training school and full day
Make middle and primary school teach the worker's work out the standard, can teach hall by each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government (bureau) decide by oneself and
Cable department puts on record. Now will " secondary training school and full-time middle and primary school teach a worker staff level referenced watch " send you
, offer the following opinion, for each district research makes the reference when staff level.
One, the orgnaization of secondary training school and average middle school, general setting is taught, general affairs two place. Scale is larger
In division, in be over (or high school) , teach department is OK also and separate, set Dean's office and politics religion place. Scope is little do not set place
, provide each function personnel only. Average elementary school can set dean and function staff commonly, scale is large can set general affairs
2, secondary training school and full-time middle and primary school instruct a worker the staff, with school calculate by the class for the unit (include sheet
Set and close set) , its weave the standard consults " secondary training school and full-time middle and primary school teach a worker staff level reference
Express " . The school with big, good condition should tighten dimensions appropriately some; The school with small, poor condition wants dimensions proper some wider. Solid
Check medium, elementary school can increase appropriately according to experimental project. Conditional area should press school dimensions to wait, provide different job
Can teach the worker's fixed number of persons the standard.
3, every student number, serve the student origin inside radius to decide according to the school. A pasturing area, a mountainous area, lake
Every student of the underpopulated area such as area and island is counted, can decrease appropriately by actual condition or hold double entry class.
4, following personnel should differ according to the school circumstance, increase appropriately outside staff level:
1 . Open the minority Chinese class, teacher that uses minority language teacher and student;
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