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Our country will execute pedagogic qualification fixed attestation is made
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Normal school of Ministry of Education teachs department director Guan Peijun 8 days to express, our country will execute pedagogic qualification regular certification system.

Guan Peijun is the China that holds in 8 days as above is done to state on seminar of learning of international of system of first teacher seniority. He says, the reality that builds from international convention and pedagogic team needs a consideration, answer the period of efficacy of pedagogic qualification to make a provision, particular fixed number of year, be like 3 years or after 5 years, new examine and verify maintains pedagogic qualification. We still will execute pedagogic qualification temporarily the classified management of certificate, terminable certificate, lifelong certificate.

As we have learned, our country's current teacher qualification does not have the time of period of efficacy to restrict, and active law also does not have the period of efficacy of pair of teacher qualifications to make a provision, this brings about pedagogic qualification is lifelong in fact make, hampered thereby of the construction of pedagogic team and pedagogic whole level rise. Guan Peijun still expresses, to perfect system of seniority of our country teacher, ministry of Education is studying pedagogic qualification maintains the feasibility of unified exam; Prospective our country will make way of exam of qualification of a teacher, carry out unified national teacher qualification to take an exam, this method is mixed to normal school blame normal school kind examinee should be treat equally without discrimination, to having record of formal schooling and the candidate for an entrance examination that do not have record of formal schooling also are treat equally without discrimination.

This second China teachs learning of international of system of standard of persons qualified to teach first times the seminar is the first time that our country holds learning of high level, large-scale special subject of international of pedagogic seniority system the conference. The conference maintains directive center to initiate by qualification of teacher of Ministry of Education, sponsor by Beijing Normal University, aim to perfect teacher of pedagogic seniority system, reform to teach system and construction teacher team to provide good international experience for our country.

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