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The country teachs committee school national defence to teach convention
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One, litre fall ensign
Carry out strictly " law of ensign of People's Republic of China " , teach according to the country appoint " about applying < China people in all
With the country ensign law > strict middle and primary school rises fall the announcement of ensign system " in formulary program and demand rise fall ensign. Country
The banner should accord with a standard, flagman should pass training with the member that protect a banner and wear by the regulation outfit. The teachers and students that attends flag-raising ceremony wants a kind
Team stand as a mark of respect, ensign salute should be faced when raise a flag, sing national anthem, the school of brass band answers achieve national anthem.
2, celebrate great red-letter day
Serious organization " 7 · one " , " 8 · one " , " October 1st " wait for a festival to celebrate an activity; Carry wall newspaper
, broadcast, team the form such as investigation of meeting, congratulatory meeting, entertainment, society is opposite meeting, class the student undertakes passion socialism ancestor
The country, education that has deep love for Chinese Communist, heat to love people liberation army.
3, support the army and give preferential treatment to families of armymen and martyrs
Insist to be begun with local garrison establish activity of socialistic spiritual civilization in all, designedly organization student attends embrace army
Actor belongs to the job, pedagogic heat build-up loves people army, protect martial establishment.
4, hold a memorial ceremony for sweeps mausoleum of hero of revolutionary martyr, folk
Mausoleum of hero of the revolutionary martyr that chooses to there is certain effect in place, folk, in tomb-sweeping day or martyr birthday, die
The century misses day, in a planned way, purposeful organization student attends hold a memorial ceremony for to sweep an activity, heroic career achievement should introduce before pay respects to sb at his tomb
, have education to the student.
5, alignment trains
Consult regulations of alignment of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, combinative gym education undertakes to the student alignment trains. School movement
Can want to press " march-past " requirement organization enters type; Flag-raising ceremony and activity of entire school sex are due to alignment particular demand.
6, singing activity and bosomy date (martial music) team
Requirement student union is sung " national anthem " , " liberation army march " , " vocal motherland " wait for song, bosomy date (army
Happy) the team should play these song.
7, activity of Red Cross adolescent
Conditional school should build Red Cross adolescent to organize, act on " the heal the wounded and rescue the dying, aid that help danger up is tired, respect often aid
Incomplete, find pleasure to help others " the tenet develops an activity, learn knowledge of battlefield relieve a sick or injured person, undertake revolutionary humanitarian is taught.
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