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Ministry of Education is carried out about learning " the opinion that publicize
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Secretary of department of propaganda of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, Central Committee of Communist Party of China is in lab " the opinion that publicizes education about strengthening patriotism
" it is one is opposite construction socialism spiritual civilization, to school idea politics the job has the file of important and direct import.
Various and of all kinds school (include nursery school) should carry out seriously carry out.
One, above all, want to give collectivity teacher and cadre this file print and distribute, accomplish hand, organize them
Learn and discuss, rise to publicize the understanding of principal port of education to strengthening patriotism, if why is research produced in all advocate
Justice the thought is guidance, combine respective post and major, take varied kind, to youth and teenager children
Undertake patriotism is taught extensively, deep, abidingly.
2, should make people of our country every nationality rises from children age, " motherland mother " in the brains that imprints in oneself
, have deep love for the motherland, have deep love for a party, have deep love for socialism 3 person be in harmony is an organic whole. From elementary school one grade rises be about to have a state
The education of banner, national emblem, national anthem. Have the education of domain of People's Republic of China and capital. Middle and primary school should be built litre
Standard system. The student should learn to sing national anthem. The significant rally of big, medium, elementary school should sing national anthem. Should teach a student from
Little respect ensign, stand at attention wants when raise a flag, gravity wants when singing national anthem. Want to make they know every citizen to answer as a child
Make contribution to build the motherland, struggle to maintain motherland dignity and territorial integrity, sacrifice even when necessary oneself
Life. The ensign that school place needs and map, can buy by him school, if have difficulty, each district teachs administrative department
The door should try to assist the school to give solve.
The environment of the school is decorated want elaborate design, make the student gets everywhere the infection of patriotism spirit. For example, religion
In room, library, lab, can the chart that construction of socialism of paste report our country makes, pensile and famous
The picture of artist of the scientist with patriotic history character, prominent past dynasties, literature and the logion collection that have educational sense
. Want to use place's vivid teaching material, outstanding achievement of if the patriotism of this locality, this school is glorious traditional, hero, contend for for the country
Cultural relic of smooth advanced character, revolution and famous places and historical sites are waited a moment, undertake to the student patriotism is taught.
3, each course should undertake patriotism is taught, this kind of education ought to be the same as education content since organic ground union
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