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National education committee, Ministry of Public Health is protected about stren
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According to countrywide student constitution, healthy findings, constitution of our country student, healthy state still is put in many problems
, the problem with bad eyesight is highlighted particularly. To strengthen student myopia prevention and cure works, the country teachs appoint at 1987
Year seminar of job of prevention and cure of myopia of student of 10 provinces, city was held in Beijing in April; Ministry of Public Health entrusts Beijing children blueness
Medical science of teenager sanitation institute, China will be little wholesome society was held in June this year " countrywide student myopia prevents and cure
Working informal discussion " , begin with driving what myopia prevention and cure works further.
Comrade He Dongchang prevents and cure in myopia of student of 10 provinces, city emphasize on working seminar point out: Purpose head of education
It is the quality that should improve entire nation first, include thought quality, culture science quality and fitness. If education is jumped over
Develop, gain ground more, myopia proportion is higher, so brought question is bigger. Job of student myopia prevention and cure wants
Everybody is caught, often catch, catch scientificly. Hope basis of various education, wholesome branch Comrade He Dongchang afore-mentioned speaking spirit
, the main problem that exists in the light of current student constitution, healthy state, from seize take as the point of departure of myopia of prevention and cure, drive in the round
Had grabbed the job of the following respects.
One, protective student eyesight, prevention and cure learns unripe myopia, what work as current school hygiene is principal
Wu will catch should continue to carry out the 10 units such as former Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Health " carry out about carrying out < protective student eyesight works
Executive method (try out) > inform jointly " spirit, combinative each district is actual circumstance, take practical step
, reduce student exercise burden, develop sports activity, the attention uses eye sanitation, improve daylighting illuminative condition, make protect
The job that protects student vision obtains actual effect as soon as possible.
The leader of various and various education department, of all kinds school wants to take student eyesight seriously to protect with all teaching staff
The job, regard a when carry out talent of qualification of policy for education, education in the round main task as to catch it. School leadership
, division of each science and education and classmaster should build system of post responsibility, each doing his own job, each are used up its duty. Ranking education department wants to decide
Period undertake checking, work eyesight of school protection student and sports sanitation taking result is taught as evaluation school
One of important levels of quality.
Various and wholesome branch should cooperate with place teachs a branch, supervise and urge of all kinds school does good student eyesight to protect the job.
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