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The our city will edit " pedagogic profession ethic " plan to prohibit the teach
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In afterwards Wuhan, Ning Bo, wait for a city to prohibit with the form such as legislation or acceptance in succession without stannum teacher of middle and primary school is engaged in paid after family education, shenzhen is joined likely also among them, adopt measure to restrict this kind of action of the teacher. The reporter understood yesterday, city education bureau is editing " ethic of profession of Shenzhen city teacher " , be engaged in with respect to the teacher among them paid the family education issue that involves aspect of heart of Shi Feng division makes strict provision.

This year city " two meetings " go up, a of  of Cao Jia of committee member of city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference " should restrict teacher of on-the-job middle and primary school to hold two or more posts concurrently " draft resolution causes attention. Draft resolution thinks, on-the-job teacher is engaged in paid family education, the time that makes original application will prepare lessons and correct exercise was taken up completely almost, and of the school the class prepares because of doing not have time however and muddle through one's work, the student's exercise also is carelessly is corrected, cannot assure education quality. Proposal government adopts practical step to change this kind of current situation about the branch, draw lessons from the practice of a few cities of our country, issue a decree or make regulations restrict teacher of on-the-job middle and primary school to make the conduct that family education makes money with off hours, make a teacher cogent in throwing energy normal education, go, put idea to student body, do the own job of good teacher.

City education bureau is opposite say in the answer of this draft resolution, 1997, of our city referenced country " ethic of profession of teacher of middle and primary school " , made " ethic of profession of Shenzhen city teacher " (the following abbreviation " standard " ) . But because the clause is opposite simple, content also is appeal type more, cannot be opposite the appearance that a few have mind of division of caustic division wind tries materiality tie. City education bureau already established panel at the near future, constituent expert learned man is right paid the problem of family education launchs survey, right on this foundation " standard " undertake editing.

Bureau of the education that occupy town is in charge of the staff member introduction that draft resolution replies, at present " standard " castigatory first draft is still half-baked, but edit directional apt prohibits on-the-job teacher is engaged in paid family education. City education bureau also hopes at the same time this " standard " rise for normative sex file, make have general sanction.

The reporter still understands, this year is an our city " wind builds Shi Deshi year " . Whole town teachs a system to develop an activity, be aimed at the real problem that exists in current teacher team, on the foundation of openly education, front guiding, pay attention to build Zhang Li to make the work. Requirement city, area, school should revise city education bureau to perfect or make necessary regulations system afresh, include to cannot hold two or more posts concurrently socially, do not do paid service, cannot lend money to student parent, lend substance, handle affairs give sb a present, cannot use recruit students or other name to receive " red bag " , cannot use order data of books and periodicals, study to receive " rake-off " , do not do any responsibilities that violate with citizen morality photograph to wait, in order to build the regulations system of the act of ethics of normative teacher profession with one practical a complete set of, accomplish with person of system be in charge, canal.
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