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Parent of free family education " examine " teacher
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"We are affirmatory, all teachers that serve for your child already passed business to assess. If you behave dissatisfaction to their job, can contact in time with community, we will be you inside 3 weekday harmonious, change or dismiss... " yesterday, community of channel of big brook of the area in change is born for 35 impoverished middle and primary school bring teaching in home, all of 35 family education of first mount guard has " 3 packets of acceptance " , await the parent supervise and " examine " .

Yesterday morning, dry courtyard of blueness of street, city, Chongqing gets big brook channel run the family teachs a center " love family education " the activity is started formally. Before this, get run domestic education center organized special exam, volunteer of all family education must pass interview, written examination, try tell 3 close assessment, 34 undergraduate studentses and a graduate student are in heavy division show itself in assessment.

Suffer 35 aided students this to all come from economy to strand a family especially, after with family education volunteer the knot is opposite, the volunteer comes to help help up. Street Zhang Shu writes down big brook channel express, street be opposite for every " a gang one " the family prepared " love family education " service agreement, during the person that ask family education is freewill serves, should be in charge of seriously, cannot without reason ends a service. Additional, have the working case to the volunteer the month is judged, if the parent is behaved to the job of family education dissatisfactory or child achievement did not rise, can mirror in time to community, 3 the center is taught to be able to change for its according to the child's characteristic in day suitable family education.

Right " 3 packets " policy, parents clap applauds. Low protect Ms. Zhu to laughing to say: "Heard the teacher selects a student only in the past, did not think the government is the teacher that our child asks, do not say freely, still be assessed by us. Still be assessed by us..

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