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Husband of postdoctoral winter vacation teachs Tsinghua
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This morning, female postdoctoral Xiaowu tells Tsinghua university Chemstry Department the reporter, she had established connection with 3 parents, preparation gives these a few child husband teaching.

Before a week, xiaowu released on the net " Tsinghua is postdoctoral winter vacation family education " information: Religion first, high school is unripe " number, manage, change " , left oneself connection way. This information caused the netizen's discussion. Why does she of very strange tall record of formal schooling choose everybody make teaching in home? Xiaowu says: "I had graduated one year to also have the job, but I like to make teaching in home particularly, I want to make some of pin money in off hours, and I prefer the child, like to communicate with them. Like to communicate with them..

A when choose Xiaowu to make teaching in home tall the parent of 3 children expresses, "Tsinghua is postdoctoral " this brand is very absorbing, he believes tall record of formal schooling represents Gao Shuiping on certain level, accordingly he trusts Xiaowu. But some parents think, postdoctoral teach first, high school is unripe " too exaggerative " , waste one's talent on a petty job won't produce good education result possibly.

Educational expert thinks, good tutor besides having adequate knowledge, still should be one has patience, can arouse the child learning enthusiasm, person that teachs child learning the method, and the discretion of these and its record of formal schooling does not have inevitable connection.


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