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Shenzhen Chinese family education
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Science of English of maths of Chinese of adult of elementary school of junior high school of high school of Shenzhen Chinese family education is physico-chemical spoken language abstruse number Ao Ying. Battle array of Shi Jingying of given name of home of major of more than 230 on-the-job teacher. Sex of specific aim quick result gets broad student, parent agrees educational a branch to recommend mixing reputably. (Experimental foreign language by school south extremely big mansion) English Mr. Marie: 13714336075 Beijing Normal University, the whole nation educates systematic model worker. Elementary school graduation is taken an examination of to guard a pass in the university entrance exam, competition of new idea Olympic is little Cantabrigian English. Maths of abstruse number coach Mr. Dong: 13827432500 Wuhan university graduates, high teacher, provincial course leader, the student wins countrywide first prize. Proposition is taken an examination of in, the university entrance exam is read roll, be familiar with difficulty of the key that check a place. Chinese teacher: 8Undergraduate course of Chinese of 3250734 Hunan Normal University graduates, win award of teacher of countrywide outstanding composition for many times, chinese quality teachs seminar member. Scientific square teacher: 13620201622 Hua Dong Normal Universities graduate, save educational reform hotshot, learn first prize of whole nation of contest of unripe physics Olympic, perfectness physico-chemical biology is geographical, the university entrance exam is taken an examination of to guard a pass in

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