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Fast memory maths 6 methods
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1 classify recalls a way

Reach its according to knowing the property that records data, feature namely immanent connection, undertake inducing classified, so that help the knowledge with student many memory. For instance, after learning unit of measurement, OK a has learned all content reduce 5 kinds: Length unit; Area unit; Bulk and ton; Maund; Quantum of time. Such classify, can change the thing systematization with complex diverse and confused, method, remember easily.

2 formulas put into verse recall a way

Make up the mathematical knowledge that wants memory into ballad, a pithy formula or doggerel namely, facilitate thereby memory. For instance, measure horny method, can make up give a few such formulas put into verse: "Protractor puts part, the center aims acme, 0 lines to at the same time, across reads degree. " be like again, decimally position shift causes the size change of several, "Decimally ask you to go with me, should search first on foot accurate ' left ' and ' right ' ; The horizontal stroke is cast aside taking a mouth is a You, expand to You to go; The horizontal stroke is cast aside add a Zuo, contractible go to Zuo; Two paces walk along hundredfold of decuple make a move, digital and insufficient search ' 0 ' pull pull a hook. " use this kind of method to remember, the student likes to write down not only, and write down firmly.

3 rules recall a way.

Namely the immanent connection according to the thing, the stuff that locates regularity will have memory. For instance, know those who write down length unit, area unit, bulk unit to change law and get together law. Change law and get together the law is each other goes against connection, namely the numerical value that the numeric × of advanced unit takes rate = elementary unit, the numeric ÷ of elementary unit receives the numerical value that leads = advanced unit. Grasped these two patterns, change get together problem with respect to be readily solved. Regular memory, ideas of need student move undertakes machine and be constituented to learns concerned stuff, memory is consequently firm.

4 list recall a way

Namely certain and easy promiscuous knowledge writes down material to list form, achieve memorial goal. This kind of method has apparent sex, intuitionistic sex and comparative sex. For instance, should know note prime number of prime number, qualitative factor, each other the distinction of these 3 concepts, can list a watch to help student memory.

5 keys recall a way

As the growth of the age, learns mathematical knowledge is increasing also, the student wants to remember in the round, waste time already and memorial effect not beautiful. Accordingly, want to let a student learn to remember key content, the student goes up in the basics that learned key content, repass derivation, associate wait for a method to be able to remember other content. For instance, study common quantitative concern: Workload of working hours = of work efficiency × . Workload ÷ work efficiency = working hours; Workload + working hours = work efficiency. This 3 person should remember the first amount concerns only in the relation, two amounts concern to be able to be mixed according to multiplication from the back the relation derivation of division comes out. Such going to that write down, reduced the burden that the student remembers, improved memorial efficiency.
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