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Elementary school maths learns thoughtway
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One, the thoughtway that several form combine

Number and form are two flank of target of research of mathematical teacher and student, rise quantitative impact and dimensional form union go analysing a problem, solve a problem, count form union thought namely. "Several form are united in wedlock " can the logo with simple have the aid of, symbol and the sketch map that the character makes, the harmony of stimulative student thinking in images and abstract thinking develops, the connection between communication maths knowledge, highlight the most essential feature from inside complex quantitative impact. It is the important principle that teaching material of elementary school maths weaves, also be a of teaching material of elementary school maths important characteristic, it is the commonly used method when solving a problem more.

For example, we are commonly used the method that paints line segment picture will solve an exercise, this is a kind of method that will replace an amount to concern with the graph. The circumference that we can study geometrical graph again through algebraic method, area, bulk, these reflected the idea that several form combine.

2, aggregate thoughtway

Put a group of targets together, as discussion range, this is the mankind inchoate with respect to some thoughtway, then the thinking object with certain abstract level, if the dot on maths, number, type is put together,regard research as the object, this kind of thought is gather thought. Gather thought serves as a kind of thought, reflect somewhat in elementary school maths. In elementary school maths, the method that pursues through drawing gather will permeate gather concept.

If use circle figure (Wei En pursues) permeate gather concept intuitionisticly to the student. Let them feel the object inside the circle to have some kind of common property, can regard a whole, this whole is a gather. Use the relation between the graph to be able to permeate the relation between gather to the student, if rectangular gather includes square gather, parallelogram gather includes rectangular gather, quadrangular gather includes parallel to assemble all right quadrilateral again etc.

3, corresponding thoughtway

The assurance that the thinking that correspondence is a person contacts to the problem between two gather, it is a of contemporary maths the basiccest idea. Dotted line, solid line, arrowhead, tally basically is used to wait for graphical general in teacher and student of elementary school mathematics element and element, objective and objective, number and calculate type, quantity and quantity connection to rise, permeate corresponding thought.

Be like person teaching edition on one grade book in teaching material, mix leveret and brick, piggy respectively after wood, small white hare and turnip, apple and pear are one to one correspondence, undertake the comparison of how many learns, permeated the corresponding relation between the thing to the student, solved a problem to offer thoughtway for the student.
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