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How to raise the method of child imagination
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Know what the child abounds the idea in brains to store. What the watch seems outside thing to stay in the person's brains is video, it is specific, of figure. Because express the fundamental material that seems an imagination, so the idea in brains is accumulated more, have the rich resource that has imaginary. Often look after children go museum looks around, visit to the suburb, enter all sorts of commonweal activities or go close to visit friend to wait, can let the child remember lots and lots of presentative. To be written down more, remember allowing, write down firmly, can let child diction character is described or pass the presentative emersion in keeping diary gangmaster head to come out.

Coach the child enlarges language character accumulate. The imagination is given priority to with figure, but cannot leave language material, the content that needs viva voce language or written language to will imagine especially is stated when coming out, language material is having main effect. Accordingly, want those who let the child enlarge language character to accumulate. For instance, let the child prepare to pick hand-copied book, the name that in reading, encounters sentence, renown Duan Zhai is copied, can take at ordinary times browse.

Supportive child enters activity of extracurricular interest group. In the mind that activity of group of interest of avery kind of has the thing of many visualize to enter the child, and need undertakes creativity imagines ability finishs mobile job this pair of imagination that raise the child are very beneficial. When mobile achievement of the child gets reveal or be acquisitioned commending promotive, their enthusiasm will be taller, imagination is met advance rapidly ground develops.

Encourage the child to make up story, taletelling. The child likes to make up story, taletelling, tell a child to listen sometimes, tell father mother to listen sometimes, still meet sometimes solilo-quize. This is the good method that exercises expressive ability, also be the main chance that develops imagination. The parent should encourage the child actively, do not want sarcastic comments, cannot prevent casually more. The parent can guide the child to be made up according to a certain theme, go telling, give a praise timelily, point out inadequacy.

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