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High school schoolgirl learns maths to support a few move
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One, " abandon beg again light " , develop interest

The fall of schoolgirl maths ability, environmental element and psychological element not allow to ignore. The society, family, expectation value that learns to proofread a student is general and at present exorbitant. And schoolgirl disposition is relatively gentle and quiet, indrawn, psychology bears ability is poorer, increase mathematical course difficulty big, because this brings about desalt of their mathematical study interest, ability drops. Accordingly, the teacher should care the schoolgirl's thought and study more, often chat with their equality, understand its thought to go up, the problem that exists on study, help its analyse a reason, make study plan, cleared and nervous psychology, encourage them " dare ask " , " can ask " , arouse its to learn interest. In the meantime, requirement parent can treat mathematical study of the schoolgirl with positive attitude, should encourage more little censure, help them abandon heavy thought burden, throw happily in mathematical study; Still can combine the example in the example of female grow into useful timber and real life, help them establish the confidence that learns maths. In fact, the schoolgirl's affection is spent smoothly taller, want them to be interested only, can overcome difficulty, achieve the goal that increases mathematical capacity hard.

2, " open the door build a car " , pay attention to a method

Studying methodological aspect, the schoolgirl pays attention to a foundation quite, study is solidder, like to become fundamental problem, but the ability of the synthesis that solve put together is poorer, more do not wish to solve difficult problem; The schoolgirl attends class mark note, when reviewing, like to read textbook and note, but negligence attends class attend a lecture and ability training; The schoolgirl pays attention to consecution to change with standardization, step-by-step, but adaptability and innovation consciousness are poorer. Accordingly, the teacher wants directive woman student " open the door build a car " , let them reveal the problem in study, have in the light of ground guidance attend a lecture, aggrandizement double base train, higher to integrated capacity demand issue, coach they learn to use equal in value changeover, analogy, change return wait for mathematical thought, be like problem translate into problem of dry basis plinth, return the experience that can organize them to learn other to succeed, improve study method, increase capacity stage by stage.

3, " clumsy birds have to start flying early-the slow need to start early " , aggrandizement prepare lessons before class

The schoolgirl suffers the element effect such as physiology, psychology, to intellectual understanding, application ability wants difference relatively a few, a few slower also to the response rate of the problem. Accordingly, should increase the mathematical capacity in classroom learning process, the prepare lessons before class before the class is crucial. In education, want to have the prepare lessons before class before class of schoolgirl of guidance of specific aim ground, can weave outline of prepare lessons before class, ability of imagination of stronger to abstract concept, logic inference, space and several body binding energy the content with power higher demand, the requirement has certain knowledge through prepare lessons before class, the have a definite object in view when facilitating attend a lecture, break through difficulty easily. Serious prepare lessons before class, still can change psychology, become passive to learn to be participated in actively. Accordingly, the prepare lessons before class before class of requirement schoolgirl aggrandizement, "Clumsy birds have to start flying early-the slow need to start early " .
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