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Auntie children parents tired of the nine errors tutor mode in which you do
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First, the nagging type Reflect on their own, there is no nagging type? Many children said that a father and mother nagging on its hands. Ask you to think about it, couples tired of dwelling on what you have. Trouble for her husband's nagging wife, nagging wives husband trouble. Tutoring style is stupid nagging one of the ways. Parents are determined to lose hope, allowed the children nagging type. Second, the chatter-type Nagging at the same time is the chatter. Children are always kept at home be scolded: how do you not study hard ah? How do you not doing homework ah? How do you know play this game? More vicious than the nagging chatter a bit, because the chatter often with the condemned properties. The chatter-style completely canceled. Is the wrong way in the poisoned children, undermine the child's learning state, the child put out the flame of enthusiasm. Third, the lecture-style Training children at every turn, this is not good, it was not right. Fourth, maltreatment type Small number of parents hitting style, but more bad influence on children, must be canceled. Fifth, the standard type The average child test score requirements must meet the number of points, ranking to enter the top few, which focused on secondary schools, which test a prestigious university. Called standard type. Standard-type is also the harm to the child's tutor five positive way. A child will be motivated to set goals for themselves, and parents from their children the real high goals imposed on the children, the child will be tired, increase the child's mental burden. Many children feeling very nervous before the exam, and why, too much pressure. If the child does not put pressure on before the test, tell the child as long as the true test results on the line, the results of the child may be a better test would be much better. Children themselves down the face of good results may still not satisfied, that a few drop points too, is willing to continue efforts. Parents but to comfort the child. This is a good condition. You give the child to develop a standard, so that a child's psychological particularly tense, worried not up to standard. When children can not be standard, you come to nagging type, scolding style, the effect is not good enough. Sixth, the fatigue-type Engaged in the sea tactical school, the parents and then an additional learning time and learning content. Seventh, the arranged type for reading style You child's learning for him to worry about that endless counseling, day and night accompanied children learn. Eighth, the press-type Repeatedly urged the child, you should do their homework, and you should review the. Many children said that I was ready to do their homework, and parents a reminder I would not want to learn. Please understand that parents experience, would have wanted to do something you want to tidy up the house, want to wipe the place, you love to remind you quickly clean up the house to pack it, quickly wipe to it. You may not want done. You could take the initiative to do, had wanted to get anyone else to enjoy things, a reminder to others, but you do not want to do. Yes ah, at the urging of others do, what you mean ah? Children and adults mental fact, as immature children than you, ah, you bully kids all day, how can it? No. Ninth, anxious type, all for the kids to worry about, also known as worry about style Father, mother, children face the greatest impact. Please think about your parents on your child's attitude. If parents do not understand what you, scold you, but parents suffering with a straight face, or the parents happy about, you have a great impact on the ah. But you now when parents forget that. This is not be ah! A good children back home, faced with a chatter's face, a nagging face, face a reprimand, a beaten face, a frown face, a face pressed children at home, basically lost the joy of learning. Sometimes, the parents decided to face all this. Parents, tutor mode these errors affected the growth of healthy and happy child, Hui Tong Education Network - Zhao shared with you parents, friends parents hope to avoid the errors of the tutoring model, but also the child of a healthy and happy environment for the growth.
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