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Effectively improve the quality of education reinforce personnel training base
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National "quality engineering" project of Fujian Province is the number of top universities: two state-level teacher education, 10 national professional characteristics, nine state-level courses, a national bilingual education model curriculum, three national teaching team, two national experimental teaching demonstration centers, four national experimental zone for personnel training model innovation; 3 results for the 2009 Reform the Sixth National Outstanding Teaching Award, winning several top-ranked universities in Fujian Province, Teachers colleges in the country ranked fifth; Academy of Fine Arts students take the 60th anniversary of the floats in Fujian, Fujian, Shanghai 2010 World Expo Pavilion design tasks and 22 works selected for "Fairview Hercynian - Contemporary Art in Fujian Province (Jin Jing) Exhibition"; Dr. Fang Qianhua Sports Science paper, "Performance of Sports" was selected the 2010 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation; Wu Jingbiao students in the 2010 World Championships Men's 56kg weightlifting competition, many athletes, including Olympic champion Rick, access to snatch the gold medal clean and jerk silver with a total score gold medal; School of Music Chorus in 2010, the fourteenth session of the CCTV Young Singer TV Grand Prix was awarded the "Outstanding Group Award", a team participating in Fujian best results; Geography graduate students apply for admission base class rates over 90% for many years, studies unit covering almost the focus of the country with geography in the university and part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; The first row in 2009, 2010, the second session of the National College Physics Teaching skills competition, all participating students have received the first prize in the National Teachers College in honor no other cases; Wang Suyun senior students won the 2010 Toshiba Cup Third Normal science Normal Students Teaching Skills Competition, the only prize "Innovation Award"; Second Fujian Province in 2009 "Outstanding teacher of the people" list, nearly half of the award-winning teachers graduated from the school; From 2009, all undergraduate schools are Part of a batch in the Admission ... ... In recent years, Fujian Normal focus on quality improvement, adhere to content development, and achieved a series of landmark achievements and progress. Chancellor Professor Huang Hansheng, Fujian Normal University, said, "In building a comprehensive, unique, high-level teaching and research university in the process of improving the quality of education the school has always insisted the development of ideas. Our implementation of the 'Teaching Quality' as the starting point strengthen the teaching, strengthen education management, deepening teaching reform, and promote educational innovation, and effectively enhance the educational quality of teaching and training of personnel. " Specialty starting point Build a platform for personnel training Fujian Normal University 64 existing undergraduate, covering literature, history, science, engineering, economics, law, management, teaching eight disciplines. Building "first-class arts, high-level science, engineering unique" is the school's professional development plan to develop a new blueprint. Focus on social development, Fujian Normal University for Professional Structural Adjustment, applied professional development, speed up the shortage of personnel training; preparation Institute of Technology, to strengthen professional construction engineering; established Institute of Education (Teacher Education), established the office of teacher education, comprehensive basic education services; establish and improve the professional person in charge of the system to "base", "key", "General" brand three levels of professional groups; the characteristics of professional, driving the neighbors close to professional development, broaden the professional caliber of professional and flexible direction; the implementation of the main minor system and double major, double degree in education system, protect the complex structure of human knowledge; start "running information database of undergraduate professional" construction, in order to optimize the layout to provide a scientific basis for professional; on the overall development of the specialized unsuited to the school Guantingbingzhuan classification, promotion of overall professional sound and sustainable development. Fujian Normal University has a Chinese language and literature, economics, geography, sports and art training base 4 countries involved in Chinese language and literature, economics, geography, physical education, fine arts, musicology 6 Professional, the number of many categories all, in the provincial universities in the country is rare. This 6 professional and English language and literature, physics, mathematics and applied mathematics, history, four professional, constitutes Fujian Normal University, 10 national professional characteristics. In addition, the school also has education, psychology, chemistry, electronics and information engineering, ideological and political education, biological science, software engineering, Optical Information Science and Technology, 8 provincial Specialty. In other words, nearly one-third of the professional schools is a national, provincial, professional characteristics. Fujian Normal University has been undertaking for the transfer of qualified teachers in the province of basic education and improve teacher professional level of the task. The school actively play a professional advantage, relying on the school Education (Teacher Education), Ministry of Education, Fujian Normal University Research Center for Basic Education, Internet Education, conducted a series of basic education curriculum reform research and innovative practice work. The school has organized a training school leaders in various disciplines; launched the "Fujian Provincial Education Manager (Principal Secretary for Education and Teachers Training College) General Education Curriculum Seminar", "Fujian Province, the new curriculum through grade teacher Seminar on knowledge "; set up a" new high school curriculum in Fujian Province and the high school principals and education managers Dean of Academic Affairs Seminar "and so on. Currently, Fujian Province, Fujian Normal University has undertaken the second installment of "primary and secondary school teacher training project", 15 subject areas, teaching more than 400 leaders of the training tasks. As the first to participate in "National Teacher Education Network Union" one of eight Teachers College, Fujian Normal University major expansion of distance education training for teachers to continue the radiation range. 45 million yuan has been invested in the infrastructure construction of distance education, distance training of teachers into the province's special MAN. As of the end of October this year, the province's 85 counties (districts) have been established in 73 remote training base, has implemented a new curriculum reform and training of teachers, teacher job training, mental health training, thousands of primary and secondary teacher training in remote provincial projects, training of teachers of 70 million. High standards of quality courses Training to build bridges Practice to participate in volunteer service can get credits, which in 2010 admitted freshmen, Fujian Normal University has become a reality. New regulations introduced this year, Fujian Normal University, from 2010 undergraduate students beginning in the undergraduate training program significantly increased the quality of the content development module, each student according to their individual development needs, in a certain amount of social practice, social survey, voluntary those services, community activities, or research, academic competitions, skills training to get results, you can receive credit. This is the school in 2010 for undergraduate training programs in terms of curriculum system of exploration and practice. Emphasis on curriculum construction is tradition, Fujian Normal University. School based on professional content development and personnel training objectives and requirements, and carry out the curriculum, focusing on training on "Research" talent of the professional, student and further development as the goal, additional basic, theoretical, forward-looking and strong programs, focus on theoretical research and exploration; focused training on the "application" talent of the professional capacity of students for future employment goals, establishment and industry, technical progress of enterprises to adapt the curriculum to enhance student employability and competitiveness; focus training on "Integrated "talent of the professional, emphasizing the creation of an integrated curriculum, interdisciplinary, integration. Major in Teacher Education, Fujian Normal University established a school teacher professionalism necessary for the new system of core curriculum, strengthen teacher education programs connotation and extension education to enhance the quality of normal students. The curriculum includes "basic principles" and eight required courses and "professional development" and six elective courses. In recent years, Fujian Normal University invested several million dollars of special funding, the introduction of online teaching management system, built an integrated curriculum centered network of interactive teaching aid teaching platform. Platform has built nearly 200 school won national, provincial, university project of quality courses, bilingual teaching resources, teaching demonstration, and 10 to receive the national and provincial project's experimental teaching demonstration centers teaching resources, 512 network of independent development and construction of teaching resources, access to 50 previous teaching skills of young teachers, the award-winning first prize contest live video instruction, and the Ministry of Education building project near 2000 level courses, 4000 all provinces provincial quality teaching resources; 还有 3000 MIT OCW, China Open Resources for Education all the resources, the initial realization of quality teaching resource sharing, innovation and practice of teaching students and teachers to provide the information technology environment. School already has a "volleyball", "University Physics" and nine state-level courses, "Advanced Mathematics", "Political Economy" and 58 provincial-level courses, and "Advanced Physiology" national bilingual education model curriculum. "Under the new curriculum Psychology Tutorial (materials)" was named the National Teacher Education, Ministry of Education "excellent curriculum resources." Physical Education is currently in the country to implement the curriculum in general undergraduate programs and a variety of main courses Teaching Guidelines, it is based on the Ministry of Education, Fujian Normal University President Professor Huang Hansheng presided over the completion of the project on "University and College Physical Education Majors reforms Innovation and Practice "enacted in 2005, the subject received national first prize for outstanding teaching achievements. Deepen the reform high Innovative training model In recent years, Fujian Normal University and comprehensively promote education, research and innovation in teaching practical work, updating the concept of personnel training, to explore a variety of training methods, the formation of various types of talent, top-notch creative talents emerging situation. Recently, went to the University of Ulster Institute of seven students in software successfully completed the fourth year of undergraduate degree courses. In which four students were awarded top students (a class) results, 3 students achieved first-class second-class results, two students also received academic performance, graduation scores the highest points of the profession. School of Software of Fujian Normal University, 2004 University of Ulster and the United Kingdom Cooperation in Running Schools, the "3 +1" mode since the original full use of foreign outstanding bilingual teaching materials and employ the United States, Australia and other countries and foreign well-known experts and university professors senior software companies Engineers involved in domestic teaching, experiments and engineering practice guidance. After three years of high levels of domestic students studying abroad, training and one year closer to the forefront of the study and practice of professional, comprehensive ability has been greatly improved. It is understood that student achievement can be sent each year was "excellent", and some also received scholarships and direct master's and doctoral. In the social work profession in the trial of the "4 +1" Training Mode, and let the students benefit. 4 days of classroom study per week, 1 days of community practice, the classroom so that students can go to school in time to verify the theoretical knowledge and application in practice, while providing various services for community residents. That this seemingly popular remote professional, in recent years, remained a 100% employment rate. That successful reform in Fujian Normal University as well. 2009 Sixth National Outstanding Teaching Award winning project "to team-building courses and innovation as the core platform, to enhance the quality of teaching physics experiment", by creating "a characteristic, three phase, five-module, seven course" new teaching system, fostered a national education teacher, the construction of a state-level teaching team, a national experimental teaching demonstration centers and a range of national, provincial physical experiments excellent course and excellent courses. To promote the National Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award Project "The" 1 +4 "model of education reform and enhance the teaching ability of normal students to read the language" of the reform achievements, Fujian Normal University is implementing the "secondary school curriculum, special programs professor at the University Lecture Series." The plan calls for closely related discipline with secondary school educational professional teachers, new curriculum for secondary schools in the hot and difficult, in-depth instruction in secondary schools need to think what kind of college education, how to achieve a smooth integration between the two issues. Each secondary school curriculum more than the five professors, associate professors speaker, more than 10 lectures. Through demonstrations, the depth of interpretation, cutting-edge introduction, etc., to lead the division Fansheng Li style, more comprehensive and deeper understanding of the secondary school curriculum. In addition, as the first batch of Ministry of Education, 180 units of college English teaching reform, Fujian Normal University not only accomplished the reform projects designated by the Ministry of Education and research, and also explored new web-supported teaching English, and achieved good results . These achievements, emphasis on educational reform and school are inseparable. It is understood that reform project of Fujian Normal University has established more than 1,000. The past five years, the school received national awards for outstanding teaching achievement award a second prize three provincial Principal, First, Second Prize 25. The school has four national, 14 provincial personnel training model innovation experimental area. Strengthen the practice quality Tap the potential of personnel training Practice teaching laboratory building is the most important basic conditions. In recent years, Fujian Normal University to seize the new campus building, the quality of construction and development of the central government to support local university teaching laboratory building of the three special opportunities, has invested 2 billion construction of a number of functional devices based on advanced teaching laboratory . Currently has a 2 national and 8 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers. Strengthening laboratory software construction, Fujian Normal University to encourage well-known professors and young backbone teachers to join the teaching, the preparation of experimental teaching materials, increased design and comprehensive, innovative experiment, optimization of experimental teaching system. National experimental school biology teaching center open around the clock for the relevant undergraduate. Students only independent research and development through the school's "open laboratory management system", you can easily experiment time appointments, laboratory equipment, use of the appointment, the launch and operation of pilot projects such as the experimental platform intelligent network management. Promote the teaching, Fujian Normal University has built a base of 200 internship practice, promoting the growth of students in practice. Teachers and students of public education, ten years now over a hundred primary and secondary schools in the experimental study carried out subject to complete the results of a large number of reform must be the Ministry of Education; teachers and students of psychology, the joint public primary and secondary schools across the province carried out dozens of mental health education activities, critical acclaim, in 2010 the school was rated as the "advanced unit of mental health education." To enhance the education level from the normal students, Fujian Normal University to enhance the training normal school students writing skills (including pen words, Fen Bizi, calligraphy), oral presentation skills (including reading, lectures, talks, teaching spoken language, education, oral), teaching skills (including instructional design, courseware, multimedia use, classroom teaching, teaching and research, class work), the use of authentication requirements of normal students all through, all qualified. In addition, the active promotion of micro-teaching, the lead organization in the preparation of the various disciplines of Microteaching series of textbooks 12. Encourage students to participate in research training and extra-curricular academic competitions for students to develop and provide a vast stage. Since 2005, Fujian Normal University launched the "undergraduate extra-curricular projects", the cumulative allocation of special funds 1.1 million yuan to support 770 student subjects. In recent years, the students practical ability, improve research and innovation capacity, in various domestic and international competition in the award medals. Only Institute of Physics and Optical Information Technology, students are the number of invention patents reached 20; 2009 Second National Student art festival, the school should select the 21 works in all the awards, winning the first few universities in the nation. In the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, the International Mathematical Contest in Modeling, a succession of "Challenge Cup", China Intelligent Robot Contest and other important events, the students also made a lot of good results. Supporting schools through education, volunteer service, extracurricular activities, improve the overall quality of students. Since 2002, the school has sent eight volunteers to go to Gansu Zhangxian grant to support education, by local high praise. In 2006 the school was named the western Fujian Province, Mission Support, "New Long March Commando", 2007, was named "Person of the Year moved to Fujian." In 2003, Fujian Normal University has undertaken since the founding of New China, Chinese language teaching volunteers overseas dispatch of the first tasks has been successively to the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries sent more than 400 volunteers, 8 groups, was widely praised. January 16, 2007, in the Philippines, Premier Wen Jiabao visited a cordial meeting with representatives of volunteer teachers and students and posed for pictures. Today, Fujian Normal University, respectively and the Philippines, Indonesia, the two universities to establish a Confucius Institute. School students in more than 200 student organizations to become an important self-education and service carrier. Student Association won the "Outstanding College hundred student organizations," "Top Ten National Higher Education Associations" and so on; school for 11 years, was awarded the "National college student volunteers 'three rural areas' social practice of advanced unit". High-grade teacher works Ensure the quality of personnel training Leading the introduction of high-level personnel to enhance their own university is one important way. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, Fujian Normal University to actively create conditions to introduce a total of more than 150 kinds of high-level talent, talent show agglomeration effect, effectively led the subject building, team building, personnel training and other aspects of improvement. The implementation of the school "teacher training program to study abroad," a group of key teachers selected each year to teaching well-known University of specialized education, training, learning experience, broaden horizons, updated concept. At the same time the introduction of "outstanding young teachers to upgrade their plans," "Doctor Project", "Teacher Professional Development Program" and a series of effective measures to promote the growth of teachers. In Fujian Normal University, new teachers to the podium before the lecture, first after six months of quizzes lectures or take a course teaching assistant work, and then the lecture after passing the examination in order to obtain teaching qualifications. At the same time, new teachers also serve as a one-year part-time teacher, as a social practice of teachers. Great importance to and strengthen the teaching team. The school by creating a teaching team to develop high-quality teaching resources, study the reform of teaching content, innovative teaching methods to promote the exchange of teaching experience and improve the overall teaching quality. Focus on "Double" Teacher. Of applied professional teachers, schools require teachers to enterprises, companies, factories practice and training; of Teacher Education teachers to primary and secondary schools to experience the new curriculum. Master Teachers play an active demonstration, radiation, leading role. In 2010, Fujian Normal University launched the "teacher lecture" series of activities, inviting previous access to national, provincial, university "Renowned Teachers of" teachers, primary and secondary school good teachers, business executives and well-known experts for college students creation of open classes or seminars. Recently, Peking University, Professor Xie Xincheng, Chen Fuzhou, one bright day the teacher was invited into the "teacher lecture," to share with students the academic feast, leaving the students feel the teacher style. The introduction of a highly effective mechanism for teachers to optimize the structure of teachers; a series of targeted teacher training, training programs, promote the overall quality of teachers increased significantly, a large number of outstanding teachers of the school teaching and research force. The school currently has two national, 15 provincial Renowned Teachers, 3 state, six provincial-level teaching team; 2010 the school received 32 National Natural Science Fund, projects accounted for the young teachers more than half of young and middle schools the effectiveness of the early training of teachers; three teachers who were enrolled in 2010 of sending visiting scholars to study abroad staff, ranking the province was taking the number of top provincial universities; a professor named "the introduction of high Fujian level of entrepreneurial innovation and talent ", which won the provincial government recognition. Mechanism for protection of high effectiveness Consolidate the results of personnel training Improve teaching quality, Fujian Normal University to implement "number one" project, by the party secretary and president of the school as the first responsible person, school personnel training in top-down firmly established the centrality of work in universities without wavering. Meets every three years the school adhere to the undergraduate teaching session, sum up the achievements and shortcomings of teaching work, the focus the next phase of deployment. Annual income of more than 30% of the tuition funds are used for everyday teaching, with adequate funding support to continuously improve the quality of teaching. Sound and comprehensive Quality Control System. Fujian Normal University to take the opening, period, end of the three-step routine of teaching inspection system; implementation of the leadership of lectures weekly, monthly report on teaching, teaching style Style random sampling of three systems; adhere professor, associate professor for the undergraduate school systems; strengthening "Teaching Supervisor" and "teaching information officer" ranks. Optimal management of teachers, improve teaching incentive mechanism. The school established the annual teaching evaluation system and the teaching evaluation system and implement a teaching assessment and ethics 一票否决制 一票否决制; to allocate grants to support school teaching position; pilot teachers Pingyoupingxian, Titles Evaluation, cadre selection be linked with the teaching evaluation system; conduct Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award judging. Strengthening Ethics. In 2010, the school launched the construction of six long-term mechanism ethics: school leaders to contact the class or student branch system, school leaders to contact the class system, excellent full-time teachers as class system, by new teachers as a class system as a part-time organization of retired members member system, branch staff and students to build the system of branches, leading to a retired teacher from the school, including all educators are included in the scope of students shows caring ethics, face to face contact with the students to fulfill the people's teachers sacred duty. Luo Ying party secretary of Fujian Normal University, said: "education plan, ethics-based. Ideological and political quality of teachers and professional integrity is directly related to education, healthy development and healthy growth of students, related to the state and the nation's future destiny. We demand do teachers take the lead in the hearts of ideals, education, students, to teach the body established to become the healthy growth of the mentor and guide. "
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