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Wang Qing sixty-one family education in the speech on the meeting
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Children's friends, comrades: Today, we are here a grand party to celebrate the upcoming "Six" International Children's Day, start the implementation of the "family security Green Action", in recognition of family education, "Spring Bud Program" work of art, look to the cause of children a better future. First of all, on behalf of the municipal government, the city's children to extend festive greetings to units and individuals were commended to express warm congratulations to the hard training of teachers country flowers, children's workers and pay high tribute to all parents to care for and support the growth of children to express my heartfelt sense of all walks of life Thanks! Municipal government has always been very concerned about the children's work, and always love children grow, the overall development of children do everything possible to create an enabling environment and the vast space. In recent years, women's federations at all levels, advocacy, education, the committee for other departments to earnestly implement the Party Central Committee and State Council "to further strengthen and improve ideological and moral construction of a number of opinions", the full implementation of "Moral Construction of Citizens" and "Child Development Program in Qingdao," depth for family education, "Spring Bud Program", etc., to promote ideological and ethical quality of the vast number of children has generally improved, state of health continues to improve, to further protect the legitimate rights and interests, survival and development environment more optimization, the development of children's career has taken a new step. Currently, the city is full implementation of the "Central Bay protection, owned Bay development" strategy to create economic zones in the core area of the blue and high-end gathering area, to speed up building a prosperous, civilized and harmonious modern international city. The new situation and tasks for the children to the development of new opportunities provided, but also the work of a higher demand. Just now, Comrade Li-ping made a summary of the work, made a statement several advanced, very good. Now, I make a few wishes and requirements: First, I hope the majority of children study hard, improve quality, and strive to become qualified successors to the socialist cause. Children are the future hope of the nation. Today seedlings will grow into tomorrow's leaders. Wants the children when they are young lofty ideals, culture noble sentiments, to learn cultural knowledge, improve the overall quality, a good student in school, at home and be a good boy, in the small citizens of a civilized society does not live up to the schools, parents and the community expectations to live up to the great trust of the motherland and national efforts to put their training into ideals, morality, culture, and discipline builders and successors of the socialist cause. Second, I hope the majority of child workers to shoulder heavy responsibilities, innovation, and continuously improve the work of children and other family education level. The family is the first child to education establishments, family education, to strengthen ideological and moral construction, and promote healthy growth of children have a vital role. The majority of child workers to further raise awareness, strengthen their sense of family education and mission work, and constantly explore new ideas, to strengthen measures to give wide publicity to popularize scientific knowledge of family education, family education level increased. Should give full play to the school, family, community role, its advocacy, education, women's federations, the advantages of the committee for other organizations to train children to become physically fit, moral, character, integrity, and progressive citizens of the modern passing. Pay special attention to the plight of child survival and development care for them and support to help them so that they and other children grow up healthy. To strengthen research, conscientiously sum up experiences, to explore and grasp the new situation, do the characteristics of children and laws, and constantly create a new situation of children. Thirdly, I hope government at all levels to strengthen the leadership closely with the community, and further optimizing children's social environment. So that each can be well-educated children, have a happy life, health, robust growth is the party committees, governments and the community's lofty mission and important responsibility. Party committees and governments should work minors on their agenda to further strengthen leadership, increase investment, to create favorable conditions for development of children. Departments at all levels and the community to further the cause of the development of child care, child development concerns, and implement the principle of children first, children in foster care, child care, good things for children, and set an example for the children's sense of responsibility, the formation of the whole society to respect children, children first public opinion environment, culture, environment and legal environment. All parents to educate their children to assume responsibility, ability to grasp and apply the scientific method of education, words and deeds, for the healthy development of children to create a good family environment. Comrades, concern child development, promotion of child development is the common responsibility of society as a whole, do children's work is to promote social harmony and improve the quality of the important tasks. We must further emancipate our mind, seize the opportunity, innovation, work to continuously improve the level of children's development, for the city build a prosperous, civilized and harmonious modern international city to make a positive contribution! Finally, I wish the city's children's health, academic progress and happiness!
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