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Nutrition tutor you how to prepare nutritious diet children
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【Expert: Nutritionist Training Center in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province Health Care Association branch president Yang Yi】 nutritionist With the cooler weather, the body's gastrointestinal gradual adjustment, the children's appetite Ye Hao up. How to prepare for the upcoming winter? Parents need to start from children's diets. Of child growth and development, to ensure that the intake of the three major nutrients, namely protein, fat and carbohydrates. What foods do contain more protein? Mainly fish, poultry, milk, eggs, meat; containing carbohydrates are: rice, noodles, potatoes, beans, etc.; The excessive fat intake do not have to worry about the parents because the children usually eat the cream cake, ice cream, etc. on fatty foods, so no additional increase in fat intake, and sometimes need to control. In addition to these three types of nutrients, the food contains calcium and iron should also focus on zinc iodine supplement. Breakfast: oatmeal than rice pudding "One day the morn," as the first Dayton Daily intake of food - the importance of breakfast, nothing wrong. But the morning was particularly tense time, "My kids love to eat cereal, milk can be convenient for a red." Many parents said the children breakfast cereal selection, parents save trouble, the children love to eat, can be said to serve two purposes. But for children, the cereal's nutritional value is not high. General cereals contain dietary fiber consumption is more suitable for the elderly, ordinary child's stomach capacity is small, if there is no case of constipation is not recommended eating breakfast cereal. In comparison, rice pudding made of various beans more nutritious breakfast as the value of children. If you select the traditional "egg + milk" for breakfast, protein content is enough, but if coupled with bread and lettuce, can also add carbohydrates. Lunch: rice with beans, meat surpass Chinese children generally do not eat meat breakfast, then lunch, attention should be paid to add. Suggest that children may eat more fish for lunch, fish, fat and more by unsaturated fatty acids help the brain thinking. If the child is "predator", do not worry, for the meat to find a good "partner" as possible, as long as the animal protein and vegetable protein with a can, such as soybean chicken D is a good choice. As the saying goes, "rice with beans, meat surpass", the staple food and legumes with high nutritional value. Lunch is available in staple, "rice and beans" instead of ordinary rice, "beans and rice" is the purple rice, soybeans, red beans, black beans cooked together with rice and other staple food to do. Afternoon tea: Fruit can also play a leading role Quite popular in white-collar workers in the "afternoon tea", after "improvement" is also suitable for after the child. As the child's own stomach capacity is small, in order to eat more nutritious, it is recommended in the diet follow the "smaller meals" principle. Do not eat too many meals, and do not strictly control the appetite, you can snacks every few hours time, three or four o'clock in the afternoon for the children parents can prepare a "tea." Adults of coffee, dessert is obviously not suitable for children, then the children "afternoon tea" in the eat? Fall cough, Qiuzao kids, parents can choose white fungus soup, pears lily soup, that is, lungs and added water. Banana, Apple has added two types of fruit and the role of energy, so the tea can be used as a "hero child." Dinner: seafood for more than a little Dinner and lunch with a similar, if the time off, parents may wish to cook a number of seafood dishes. In the choice of ingredients, add kelp, seaweed, small shrimp and so on. Especially the small shrimp, which the higher protein content per 100 grams of shrimp about 1700 mg of calcium is a good source of calcium in food. In addition, the shrimp is also rich in potassium, iodine, iron, phosphorus and other trace elements and vitamins. Shrimp to soup, can be fried, can also be used for seasoning. Home cooking shrimp in bean curd, dried small shrimps seaweed soup not only tastes good but also help the baby calcium. Tips: Mild honey cool side, can promote gastrointestinal motility, constipation over the age of the child, you can get up in the morning to eat a little bit. But do not use boiled water, boiling water will "dilute" the nutrients in honey, if the child suffers from diarrhea in the fall will have to stop eating honey. In addition to suffering from diarrhea should not be taking the honey, the Young President recommended for children under 1 year of age had better not eat honey. Overseas study found that honey may contain Clostridium botulinum spores, infant intestinal microbial balance instability, antibacterial and weak, add more boiled water in the fall better.
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