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Anchoret careful consideration for the children and grandchildren - on the ancie
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"Book of Rites University": "to put the nation, we must put (regulation) of their home." Today, "we must first rule regulating the family" This old saying can be described as including women and children, a household name. Family is a cell. Stable family structure and Harmonious relationship between attachment to each other, with a fundamental role. This shows that do a good job tutoring, is essential for the country and bringing peace. The tutor of the "first of all the things" that educate their children. This paper focuses on teaching children from the Perspective of anchoret On the ancient concept of a tutor. Foster child must be taught, it is a parent's obligation, duty-bound. Raised without religion, education and strict, is a fault. However, there are some eunuchs, the ancient people of the children due to lack of education or teaching methods properly, causing many officials Huan Wang of the children of others into a tiger mouse anti-class, taught against as evil, corrupt home sound, insult ancestors. To this end, Zhang Meng-fu says to us not like reading a book to teach children to be nurturing; YAN Guang Zhong believes that, to make the rich kids try the poor and lowly AIDS Taste, to think for themselves. (Kim Ying "motto Union Bi") In the ancient view, the education of children is an act of love, if the "love of his son without teaching, I still was not love him; taught not to good, and still is not taught too." (Fang Xiaoru "first commandment Miscellaneous thirty-seven chapter ") not only to care for children Also good at teaching it. That is, to "teach the meaning of party, Verner in evil." ("Zuo implicit public three years") Han Wang Fu that officialdom intellectual disabilities for children and grandchildren to be "of the Li Chi, Fred Li to fraud; advised of the positive, Ephesians advised Of the fraud; show of the thrift, said of the Ephesians to much; Yi of the word, Eph Yi of the wealth. "(" Talking containing profit ") emphasized the moral education first. Zhuge Liang often their children, said:" A light heart lives, frugal and Germany to support, not indifferent to non- By Ming-chih, non-quiet no to Zhiyuan. "His youngest son, after all Geqiao became Fu Maye, still insists on him. To prevent his pampered in the comfort of become mediocre, Zhuge Liang let him out of the superior court life, To serve as a small and transportation officials in Chengdu, in the "extremely difficult for the" Shudao, the Governor shipped food, through the mill. ("Celebrity humorous Jicui"), the story of the history of Jiaozaiyoufang abound. Meng, such as household Mother moved the three, Zeng butcher, and so on. Sages claim, "Mo anchoret considered descendants." YAN Guang Zhong believes that the reason why some of those anchoret "I do not know yet clean enough", "mostly for the children of long terms", while access to a lot of ill-gotten gains, but "stay resentment and sub debt Sun, not the cloud blessing also. "(Bear macro prepared" motto anchoret "), official home tired, not accidentally, but officials for the family responsibilities, must guard against. Lü Kun," moaned language "that:" the family of harm is greater than all the inferior unbridled disgust of its non- Situation, and on the people, its meaning without the ban Ah. "Means simply pandering to the last descendants of those feeling greedy, but the greatest scourge of the family. Therefore, Qing Wang Shijun in the" forgotten at home, "one paper wrote: officer very sensitive Pillow Head wind, heroes are most afraid of little children love. Outlook calendar corrupt official who is quite the success or failure of non-bad guys, because to listen to beautiful wife ordered the pillow, the situation along its sons and daughters Yue, step by step toward Bribery, out of control, do not ruin not just . This requires strict official who start family laws, wives and children not to shun the desire, to show honesty and integrity, of the interests of right and wrong, to persuade his family. Minister Song Fan matter who wrote the request for his son and nephew to help promotion of the matter, wrote "The commandment child nephew eight hundred words," Five-character poems, to the effect that they have this idea that the nephew is very worrying, he wrote poem To exhort, describes the powers and responsibilities, positions and talent relations, said Officer Paul has been my home was the large number of not only what had s minds, but luckily it should feel guilty is, dare to be wishful thinking high L! Generation of your children should be cautious self-denial of the heart, study conduct virtue of the Road, history as a mirror, light heart of fame and fortune, and rejected unwarranted flattery, far from fame and power. Similarly, contemporary Bao Zheng, Xiu also has written training nephew . Bao Zheng training the Master said: "future generations, official career, Corruption abuse are not released into the marital home after the death of a large grave shall not be buried in the side." Ouyang Xiu To nephew book reads: "In the government, should keep honest, what was bought Officer under the matter, my officials are in addition to diet In addition, never buy a thing. "(Yu Wen Bao," recorded blowing sword "), they encouraged the young man, serving, we must be honest and upright, not corrupt and destroy the door the wind. Zhongyan caused by children in the book, then made official The principle of life: see Leith harm, do not ask for promotion and self-enrichment, not official business meetings with their families, etc. (Liu Ching of "ring-pass record"), useful reference. While stressing the ancients, "Do anchoret consider future generations", said that "children have their own welfare, children and grandchildren as a horse and cattle Mo" ("Zengguangxianwen"), "total wealth for the sons who lost their nine ten" ( Lin Bu "peace of mind record") , "Sub Sun Fugui own life, not leaving the money" (Tang Biao "Life must read"), and so, in fact, "Do not consider" is very difficult to achieve, the question is why "consider", "consider" what That is the key. "Zhou Li" Advocated by the "three German (D', Minde, filial piety) to teach children the country", is a "consideration", "Han Wei Yin Biography" states: "Son of gold left over slender basket for chopsticks (cage box), it is better Once (the Confucian classics), "is a" consideration " . Song Ni thinking in the "Journal of Church by the hoe," a paper then outlines the "good for the children of dollars," the eight principles, including virtue in a proper way, the well-known innocence, or learned justice, family law and tidy, select mentors friends always keep the frugal style, and so on. In short, the "love child they must to be able to teach, teach your children almost to Mozambique" (the Li Xing, "made of ice"), "self-cultivation is more than just a break, to leave for future generations." (Meng-Lei "Family Fan Code") Of course, "to teach your child to teach by example, not only lecturing." ("Motto recorded only") Example is better than precept. There is a saying: "Families with Yanjun, Sri Lanka and more Yin Zi", "multi-lost love child." Therefore, judges must be from the positive Relies instead, relies instead be positive, "to the body as a typical, complex instruction at" ("drunk woke up the seventh back to the Stone") This is the education the children of the best and most effective method.
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