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Homemaking company plays a labour of trade price hour to serve price chaos " div
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As we have learned, zhengzhou city shares homemaking business at present 208, service project includes elder brother's wife of baby-sitter, month, hold in the palm often hold in the palm young, clean establishment of Bao Jie, family education, family expenses maintenance, provide for the aged nurses reach chamberlain conduct financial transactions to wait for 24 kinds.

After the Spring Festival passes, the service price that hour of provincial capital homemaking is versed in all the time " diving " , recently, price war is to achieve more turn white-hot.

■ " wholesale " valence instigates price war

On March 15, citizen Chen Gong from provincial capital some homemaking company purchased a piece of value 500 yuan membership serves card. "This piece of card provides service of 85 hours, horary ability 5. 8 yuan. " Xiaochen calculated pen Zhang, "When chore is being asked to protect clean previously, collect fees hourly 10 yuan, cheap nowadays close half, be equivalent to wholesale. Be equivalent to wholesale..

At present company of a few homemaking rolls out provincial capital in succession the member is made, for instance 1000 yuan member blocks a piece of value, the day that buys check oneself rises one year inside, can enjoy homemaking service of 200 hours.

Of some homemaking company plum surname manageress tells a reporter, since the company roll out member card, the citizen that comes round to handle card with respect to in an endless stream, "Fei Yue handling card is tall, hourly cost is cheaper, the client exceeds be to one's profit " .

However the personage inside course of study thinks, this is a kind of typical low dumping, will competing undoubtedly market of intense labor of Zhengzhou homemaking hour instigates price war.

■ hour worker pay cannot " amount to mark "

Obtain in the client " substantial " while, homemaking hour labour people not so be to one's profit. On March 15 afternoon, be in company of homemaking of Central Plains Ou Mou, the hour that just cleans a room to come back is versed in Chen Dongxia tells a reporter, she worked 4 hours, can take 12 yuan from the company, and landlord handed in 20 yuan to the company.

Rose on January 1, 2005, zhengzhou city applied new work sets with labour, zhengzhou urban district (contain on block) blame full-time uses standard of labour hour minimum wage to be 5 yuan. And the homemaking service industry that came on stage 2004 according to association of service of Zhengzhou city homemaking is main price of guidance of type of work, price of hour industry service is primary horary 10 yuan, intermediate horary 15 yuan, advanced horary 20 yuan.

But come from the Chen Dongxia that is stationed in county of the Cai on equestrian inn not to know these. She tells a reporter, the homemaking company that gives 5 yuan hourly is good company, but the person that waits for work in this kind of company is particularly much, and company " the member that the requirement protects clean must junior high school graduates, did not groom cannot mount guard " .
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