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Science and technology " family education " in the morning the door
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On Feburary 14 in the morning, spring chill chilly, drizzle fallings thick and fast. Act according to change city farming ability to serve Liu Kaixian of section chief of division of terminal grain oily crop, agronomist to risk rain to come to estuarine Pu Cun of street king Xu, to plant Xing Xian of grain large family decides spring ploughing to make preparations for ploughing and sowing give counsel.

"Liu Ke is long, come so early this year! " Xing Xian decides an edge to say the edge lets Liu Kaixian enter room. "The Beginning of Spring already passed, spring ploughing shortly, I take the advantage of Spring Festival leisure to look to a few key door, how are 80 mus of your cropland that cast barren arranged? " Liu Kaixian approachs a theme continuously. Saying, maintain an umbrella again, stepping muddy, come east the cropland casting barren of river Fan.

Last year, xing Xian contracted surely cropland of 170 mus of grain, invite Liu Kaixian to be science and technology " family education " . Liu Kaixian cultivates raise rice seedlings of layout, seed soaking, promotion from early rice light-duty help advance somebody's career the technology executes whole journey to dog to prevention and cure of plant diseases and insect pests service. 170 mus of late rice that Xing Xian decides are average mu produce be as high as 510 kilograms, eliminate cost, net income 50 thousand yuan, still be in Ning Bo wins first prize in contest of high yield of city late rice. Kind of grain enthusiasm that good crop aroused Xing Xian to decide, by last year, he contracted again 80 mus of cropland that cast barren, investment 8000 multivariate, employed 13 labor to undertake transforming arranging.

The Tian Kuai that Liu Kaixian saw had arranged says: "This cropland already had a few years to did not cultivate, soil hardens, want to plough a few times more, had better be by Feburary break up to end n cultivated land. Early rice breed with fine Yo 293 had better, company of seed reaching city goes buying, can ensure thoroughbred purity. Every mus need to cast fry fully dish 70 pieces, carbolic ammonium, calcium superphosphate each 200 kilograms. On April 1 raise rice seedlings, cast on April 26 grow. " the guidance that listened to Liu Kaixian, xing Xian nods again and again surely: "Wait for seminal company to go to work I am bought thoroughbred, many pieces 5000 cast fry dish had had sufficient, still prepared 10 thousand yuan of money to buy chemical fertilizer. Still prepared 10 thousand yuan of money to buy chemical fertilizer..

From east river Fan after coming back, liu Kaixian helps Xing Xian decided the cropland of 170 mus of Lin Cao of pair of Teng Jia Fan to make arrangement again: "After Lin Cao is harvested, among them 120 mus are planted another name for Ningbo actors or actress late rice of an odd season, still 50 mus are planted the late rice new breed that Cong Jiaxing introduces. 170 mus of late rice popularize aggrandizement to help advance somebody's career entirely technology, execute small Miao Zao to grow, Chan Benxi establish, intertill weeds, add apply organic fertilizer and wet irrigate. Still be you surely in city this year set an example door, you should have good example effect. " in the morning 10 when make, the wife that Xing Xian decides begins to prepare food make food, ask Liu Kaixian to drink a few cups of wine to warm warm body goes again. Liu Kaixian is laughing to say: I arrive even other the home goes to kind of grain large family.
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