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Family education intermediary annoys forum to contact the job not to see certifi
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It is students originally communication is versed in frequently aid the forum that learns information, be stared at to go up by a few intermediary however now. Student of a Beijing University tells a reporter today, a lot of classmates dare have not released information of to apply for a job on forum.

The student Xiaowang of Beijing University tells a reporter, she discovers certain intermediary company is stared at went up on Beijing University forum be versed in frequently aid learn edition of information of central family education, "Now the conjugate center that this layout is family education intermediary simply. " the card that the reporter sent to seek family education on forum, immediately intermediary company calls say, do not need to see certificate, want to pay 50 yuan intermediary fee only, can help the work on connection.

The reporter is in charge of an inquiry to be informed to the net of this forum, be in what this forum sends a card to have a few really is not the student of Beijing University, having some of itself even is intermediary company, what make clear to having inside school of this Beijing University is diligent labour is aided learn flow and relevant referenced price, if the parent of the outside needs teaching in home, can mix in the school be versed in frequently aid learn a center to be contacted directly. <

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