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Keep within limits is paid family education should grab from fountainhead
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Today, bureau of Nanjing city education announced 16 real things that educational system should do this year to the society, include to undertake modification to high school course among them, the education after the class changes turns around the university entrance exam no longer etc. Bureau of Nanjing city education concerns chief to say to this explanation, the purpose that the foundation will teach henceforth is not the machine that education should try, however Yo person. Its still leaked an information at the same time, the course pursues a series of measure, nanjing city is paid last year of family education inform against and complain the minimum that reachs calendar year to come.
Before paragraph time, media of Nanjing much home is carried out with respect to this " should try education " or " quality is taught " spread out intense and elenctic, make known his position to look from what city teachs bureau chief today, "Quality is taught " occupied undoubtedly windward. Should say, these two years of Nanjing are paid the ethos of family education grows in intensity, it is our country all the time since carry out " should try education " the disastrous effect that mode causes directly. Because,be paid potential of family education market is tremendous, already became the shortcut that makes money in a lot of teacher eyes, wild land is devoted into among them. Pullback to come in normal education activity for the idea the teacher, improve education quality, nanjing city came on stage last year " Nanjing city is paid opinion of family education management " , undertake in 5 middle schools pilot, pilot school teacher is engaged in family education wanting to be approved via the school, register put on record, the ability after declaring dutiable goods to the tax authority pursues family education, but carry out a year to come down, rarely which teacher applies for to pursue family education to the school, go registering the teacher of pay taxes to also be done not have almost truly. Teacher still persist one's old ways, paid family education phenomenon still exists, nevertheless, be awed is mixed at public opinion social pressure, a lot of teachers family education activity by turn publicly for underground, this perhaps was last year Nanjing is paid of family education inform against and complain one of considerations that drop.

So, have method keep within limits after all paid family education? Actually, all things wants to grab from fountainhead, want complete keep within limits paid family education, besides the division heart education that should strengthen a teacher, the most essential still answer from the root cause of illness or trouble that causes this ethos -- , should try education to grab. Because the parent draws out money to ask family education to make up a missed lesson, it is to rise of the child should try achievement, no matter the effect how, fill to always be compared do not fill good. And a lot of schools to improve proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade, to the teacher violate compasses act also with respect to music meaning good-tempered, open an eye to close a key point. because this is paid,family education is banned repeatedly more than, overrun, concerned regulation also became a mere scrap of paper. From this, change our country is only current " should try education " mode, change " should try education " for " quality is taught " , school teacher and student turns around the university entrance exam no longer, the beautiful service of De Zhi body that pays attention to a student however develops in the round, paid family education ability drops in temperature truly.
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