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It is feebly ask mom of English family education to wish to become nurse freely
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"I want to nurse is become in the teacher home that teaching English, can let my child go below take lessons after school English, my obligation works to have nothing to do with! " yesterday, be in numerous in wanting to make baby-sitter and the reader that hour is versed in, of congratulate lady appeal let a person feel those who warm to warm in the heart.
Wish to become nurse freely to English teacher

Congratulate lady of 42 years old comes from Xiangtan Hunan countryside this year, from different, son of 13 years old is brought up by the former husband that works in Changsha. Although the son follows former husband life, but congratulate lady never has been broken to the son's care, she does baby-sitter or hour work outside at ordinary times, often manage to find time go to the school seeing the child, of inquire after sb's health, it is a care more to his achievement.

This semester end, congratulate lady is informed a son other result of a few courses is in 80 minutes of above, but English achievement fails actually. The father that follows a son speaks of this matter, two people feel the child follows mom to pass may a few more obedient, because the son always misses mom, writing on a lot of textbook " mom, where are you " . Congratulate lady receives the son then beside oneself, but every month agrees with former husband only pay 400 yuan of allowance. Come so, congratulate lady wants to seek a family education take lessons after school or work to the son English, but intentional and faint.

"It if which teach English teacher to be willing,ask my dry-nurse is good to if which teach English teacher to be willing,ask my dry-nurse, I want to ask him to give my child take lessons after school English, culture of my it doesn't matter, but housework is done so that do not have a word to say alive, the English result that wants to be able to let the child only rises somewhat, the other side calculates do not give a pay me willing! " see our newspaper " greet the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day special operation " after the report, congratulate lady wants to ask " winter jasmine special detachment " help, help her find a such baby-sitter job in winter vacation.


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