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Family education a group army is frowsty sound gets rich
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Center of a family education should attain the scale of 50 classes above every months only, can score the gain of on 10 thousand
As in take an examination of, the drawing near of the university entrance exam, market of our city family education begins to warm up ceaselessly, and this also offerred tremendous business chance to many family education companies. "Every week 600 class of 200 many family education, students attend class at the same time, still cannot satisfy the parent's requirement. " yesterday, sun Jinsong tells the boss of center of family education of 3 Sino-British ability the reporter, he must spend high price to hire a nearly 200 residences of smooth rice to do a classroom recently, satisfy the market in order to enlarge dimensions to need.

Family education class is the student composition that needs teaching in home by 2-4 name. The reporter understands in interview, be in what sanded area learns in a few keys all round, classes of many family education of run by the local people like Sun Jinsong are very hot. Sun Gao tells a reporter, when center of its family education just held water 2002, the student still is less than 20 people, and weekly now many 200 cannot satisfy parent requirement, she predicts the dimensions that does a class this year will achieve 300 classes.

As we have learned, this year family education not only the business is good, the price also is compared last year rise 20%% left and right sides. Be in family education center, on-the-job teacher " man-to-man " family education price is commonly: Elementary school, junior high school 50, 60 yuan / person / hour, high school 70-80 yuan / person / hour, the price of the student of graduation class is controlled in 10%% of float of this foundation before last. If be the word that division of renown school name attends class, the price breaks up times also have the market. As a result of group teaching in home (2-4 person) charge share equally, the price is 30-35 more yuan / person / hour left and right sides.

And in family education team, on-the-job teacher became main force. The controller of service center of one family education tells a reporter, the undergraduate in center of its family education occupies 5%% left and right sides only, and it is to offer more come to serve, the price also is inferior to on-the-job teacher, the undergraduate students is 20-25 yuan / person / hour, the graduate student is 30-35 yuan / person / hour.

As we have learned, at present the family education center of Chongqing has many 200 probably. Family education center opens the price that give to be for the teacher 40, 50 yuan / hour, eliminate chummage and other charge, the average gain of class of a family education is in 10-20 yuan between. That is to say, want to be able to have 50 only class of many family education, on income of month of family education center 10 thousand should be no problem.

Family education center searched 3 years 1 million

Used time of 3 years only, sun Jinsong of 38 years old lives from the room that rent, rely on to others to work part time the single close mother that raises a son, became have 1 million fixed assets, the boss of center of on lunar income 10 thousand yuan family education of 3 Sino-British ability.
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