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Choice family education needs reason to think
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Winter vacation is middle and primary school is born " gain new insights through reviewing old material " , deepen the knowledge inside the class, big inning that extends extracurricular study and eye shot, nature also is the busy season that the parent invites family education for the child. As we have learned, the main force of persons qualified to teach that middle and primary school lays family education this year still is an undergraduate, it is on-the-job next with retired teacher.

Clew one: Reason is faced " target family education "
"Target family education " often be commercial hype
Current, market of Beijing family education, groom the cake of the market does bigger more, but very non-standard also. E.g. , company of a lot of family education captures the parent " hope children will have a bright future, look at female Cheng Feng " , too manipulative psychology, hit " target family education " brand. Raise how much platoon with can making to parent commitment the student takes an exam namely, increase how many mark, pass an entrance examination which kinds (which) the school is share of market of family education of target race to control. Some people still use one paper contract, if acceptance undertakes training doing not have achieving conventional to the student refund of target criterion sum, or every differ a minute (every are little) , return hundreds of yuan to coach cost. Once want,can withdraw fund, some orgnaization controller with respect to decamp.
To this, che Hongsheng of researcher of institute of psychology of adviser of prexy of psychology of Beijing Normal University, doctoral student, the Chinese Academy of Sciences expresses, orgnaization of some family education just solves the problem with child poor grade one-sidedly, can develop in the round from the child rarely will consider. However, education needs to consider character trait of the child, character trait, once these are characteristic the word of occurrence problem, did not pass the teacher of special training, or undergraduate family education, solve these problems without ability commonly. Car professor thinks, coaching actually in the process, any family education orgnaizations, in suffer without sufficient understanding coach below the circumstance of the object, cannot easily acceptance will be in short-term inside make what study result of the child promotes rate, obtain what result, this kind " peddle " often very strong business acclaims consciousness, also be very highbrow.

Fractional backside ought to be ability rise
Learn big education to develop Jin Xin of central general manager to express, a few parents ask a hierarch to want the result to raise the child. The mark is admittedly special and important, but fractional backside ought to be ability rise, lean, two mortgage problem can obtain a good result temporarily probably, but foster and be being formed of habit of the payoff that studies result, study, thinking habit need proper time. Accordingly, need to figure out before asking family education 3 problems: One, the child present particular case how? Because, each child is different, in the professor's process, need has different kind, method to offer them; 2, should make the child is obtained rise, where is crucial point? 3, through why be being planted the way can eliminate crucial point the most quickly.
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