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"Target family education " lose a lawsuit
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Last year in March, constant lady sees Beijing bamboo shoots in spring teachs the advertisement of limited company, taking the child to seek advice. The employee of company of bamboo shoots in spring publicized the benefit of target family education to them, undertake determining on the spot to the daughter of constant lady, if the daughter of constant lady carries their teaching in home,maintain, achievement is taken an examination of to admit a line with respect to what can reach attached middle school of National People's Congress, Beijing University attached middle school in, and acceptance if refund of sum of short of target. Constant lady paid 9500 yuan of tuition, let a daughter accept family education. Knot
Be in if really in those days in in taking an examination of, of the achievement colleague old attached middle school of constant lady daughter, Beijing University attached middle school admit a line to differ 40 will divide. Constant lady asks to reimburse tuition to company of bamboo shoots in spring, but company of bamboo shoots in spring thinks, at that time their target is in those days final achievement is not medium study result, besides, the company already offerred the teaching job that the contract asks for the student, ought not to refund. Both sides tells a court finally, first instance of Beijing Haidian court adjudicates, company of bamboo shoots in spring reimburses partial tuition 5000 yuan.

As we have learned, company of bamboo shoots in spring because " target family education " there already was similar claim for compensation 56 cases in Beijing Haidian court, it is target of the acceptance when recruit students was not achieved for the most part cause. Be the same as company of bamboo shoots in spring is acceptance like the photograph " the child that is coached will surely be taken an examination of on key middle school " Beijing learns and service center of actor family education. Haidian court already adjudged shape 25 cases to accuse last year learn and the law case of service center of actor family education, nolle prosequi except 3, two outside rejecting, the others all actors or actress family education service center loses a lawsuit to learn, be sentenced in all parent of student of pay compensation for what one has unlawfully taken 198200 yuan.

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