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Swiss family education is very distinctive
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Cut graffito in disorder

In the home of Swiss person, can discover sundry toy and children books are put in the place that the child can take, on the wall, stick on the door full of children " art work " . Children can go up in the wall graffito, bite a toy with the mouth, take scissors to cut graffito in disorder on the article such as book, dress, swiss person explains so: "Meeting picture, meeting cuts the child, this explains he learned some kind of skill. We must not deeply regret some thing was damaged by the child, and should tell them patiently the skill on a few operations and knowledge. And should tell them patiently the skill on a few operations and knowledge..

Small servant

In Switzerland, long-term support parents passes the person that parasitism lives, be considered as to do not have prospect and disgraceful. Become incompetent person to do not let the child, parents develops the drive of child support oneself by one's own labor as a child. For instance: Wait for the child a few bigger, send a cultured other people to become him " servant " , work in the morning, go to school afternoon. Such doing, can let the child learn the way that fend on one hand, still be helpful for learning a language on the other hand. Because Switzerland is many language country, so the child of area of a language often can be sent the someone of another language area.

At any time family education

Swiss person very the optimal opportunity that is good at mastering family education, if the child crosses birthday, repast, travel, housework, when make success or having fault, won't let off. Xibaite goes to my friend travel, every go to their couple to manage the source that says famous places and historical sites to the child and relevant old practice, teach the child to have deep love for the motherland conciously, the child also admonishs not to want pull down and break off to spend branch, chaos to throw rubbish, scribble in the meantime scratch or with food cast animal.

Encourage innovation

Swiss parents also takes seriously very much encourage the child to try " innovation " . If let the child do a business that he never means to do; Lead teachs oneself a few course; Do the thing that a most person accomplishs not easily; The football that encourages the child to adore for oneself stars or the star writes a memoir; Put forward a school the solution of around transportation issue; Encourage the child to carry the market other perhaps way, take him unused book and toy the thing that exchanges his place to want.

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