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"Moral education family education " side child sees heart written guarantee
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Yesterday, our newspaper and group of area of bright and beautiful river appoint those who sponsor " size friend meets hand in hand meeting " start formally in square of shopping mall of red star road. In the morning 9 when, although cold wind is brisk, but before already the parent is bringing a child, will search those who make winter vacation teaching in home " old friend " .

Up to yesterday afternoon 5 when, already had many pairs 40 " big, child " pull a hand successfully. The parent praises to this second activity unceasingly.

This " size friend meets hand in hand meeting " the most conspicuous, be rolled out first outside groovy study family education " moral education family education " . After a few parents see the story of our newspaper, taking the child to search come to come, do not demand the result that improves the child, hope children is in only " thought problem " on get assistance. Assume this one special family education to serve, it is the part that comes from Sichuan Normal University outstanding student. They had sufferred educational psychology to train, and taste learn to hold actor concurrently, have long-term family education experience. Yesterday, recieve the parent in them when seeking advice, the reporter made bout designedly " audit " .

Case one

Child: Small outstanding, the 2 students at the beginning of some middle school, parents leaves other.

Old friend: Liang Yuan, student of Sichuan Normal University.

The illness is small outstanding it is originally very aspirant first 2 students. In last term fast when period end, small outstanding there is be disgusted with to learn a mood on the class, admit a few fellow students finally all the day truant. The parent and teacher are anxious extremely, then classmaster asks if class cadre encounters those a few classmates to want to report in time to the teacher. The following day midday, small outstanding came up against those a few classmates by chance. He greets sb enthusiasticly with them, still undertook persuading to them, but be without the effect. At this moment small outstanding the condition that was immersed in be in a dilemma... he stands in the classmate finally at the same time -- , without report teacher.

After coming home, small outstanding told a mother this matter, the mother bursts into fury, rebuke of his firm firm. He is criticized to did not use up the duty of the cadre that make a class after the teacher knows, and let him wrote self-criticism. After this, small outstanding changed, not only be without enthusiasm to learn and working, return domestic hind and mother to seldom also talk, often oneself a person closes in the house...

Diagnose those who heard the parent to tell about, "Old friend " Liang Yuan says, small outstanding basically grow in praise and be encouraged as a child, and the criticism of teacher and parent let him generate suspicion to his ability, proper pride and self-confident heart also got hit. "Old friend " express, the middle school period with traitorous to be in the heaviest psychology, the mistake that the parent does not hope to use the method that scold or enforces to let the child realize his and the notion that accept adult, should with the angle of 2 students understands him first, church how he considers from much angle and handle an issue.
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