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The 1 the gift of tongues to 3 years old of children is analysed
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To promote the development of child language, the first year when live in the child, father mother should talk with him more, although he is understood not, this kind of association also is beneficial. He is OK the language that more ground hears parents to give out, accept the training of speech audition, see the degree of lip-rounding when father mother articulates, enhance visual eye. In the meantime, want to establish close connection between language hearing and language vision as early as possible.

When can articulate when him child and learning conversation, want to create a condition, teach him to say more. Teach a word first, teach again short sentence, to 3 years old or so, can teach the sentence of all sorts of main types. Teachs word should represent specific thing, can look so that see, those who feeling, taught word should be everyday term, often use in child association.

To 1 ~ 3 years old of children undertake language education wants to use the activity of interest sex not only, mainer is permeate it each link at daily life, and interesting game, observation, take a walk in waiting for an activity; Undertake to the child language education must make language and specific thing union rise, the adult should note pronunciation level, with the word accurate, conversation is complete, concise, avoid to say dialectal, jargon, half child word and oral language.

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