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Psychology of confess of correct and revulsive child
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Generally speaking, when the child grows, can begin heart of bud “ ashamed ” . Committed unpremeditated crime, can produce a kind of uneasy mood and bashful psychology. This kind of uneasiness and bashful, it is “ ashamed ” heart. At this moment the behavior that if the parent can lose no time,ground guiding child learns to control his, so, the child grows the left and right sides, can have gradually accuse oneself, proud consciousness. Had these consciousness, what do not need the external world is compulsive, the child relies on his immanent psychology mechanism to be met self-adjusting coordinate the relation with the outside. When blamable when, can self-conscious absorb experience to teach a lesson from inside surroundings, undertake differentiating, form healthy and positive psychology feedback, produce confessional psychology thereby. Confessional psychology is the result that cheeper self-awareness develops, character of self-prossessed to forming modesty later individual character psychology has huge effect.

The confessional psychology of parent education cheeper can introduce suggestion, model, encourage and the method such as edification.

Allusive law:

Appear when the child when slight error, the parent is not eager to rebuke, should not reveal a dissatisfaction more, can hint he, “ thinks, such good doing? ” alludes his err to finish sth. If the child returns unidentified Bai Wei what is incorrect, be about affectionately tells clear fault where to be. Such, the child is like the mistake with same recommit after, once hint, he can have compunctious expression. At this moment, the parent does not want to be blamed again. Vixenish make the child distracted instead, go against the nurturance of confessional psychology.

Model law:

Parent err finishs sth, as long as the child knows, can understand, be about to express to repent before face sincere desire of the child, if say “ I am true not should ” , “ I am very sad ” , “ is too regretful ” . Parents also can make an apology each other before the child, request the other side forgives. The end that such doing, it is the example that yields child learning parents, knew to have fault should repentant. Common those who do father and mother broke bowl or lane to sprinkle boiling water, say “ ouch —— is fed up with ” to come to an end, this can produce undesirable effect to the child.

Urge a standard:

Be error when the child and when compunction, the parent should praise the spirit that he is brave in to acknowledge a mistake, encourage him hard to correct an error. At this moment encourage with comfort can make child mentally gets satisfaction, he corrects aggrandizement to be determined wrongly. Especially the error when child him narrate and when expressing to repent, the parent should forgive him. Forgive to had better be encouraged what itself corrects an error to the child namely, make the child gets the satisfaction on the balance of mentally and affection. Contrary, the courage that child of contusion of anger regular meeting repents. Of the child lie and chicanery often also begins from here.
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