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How should the parent dig child potential
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Advertent observation is in daily life, the attention observes the child's behavior behaves, be fond of is abhorred, in he and others amuse oneself, chat or read in oneself, when game, can be aware of although do not love to play musical instrument to like to draw however,give him, although do not have endurance to have originality however, although not one's words of arrogate to oneself is very enthusiastic however, come down these clues records, you can induce the one side that the disposition direction that gives the child perhaps says to be good at, thereby revulsive arouse him.

After production opportunity understands disposition incline to of the child and be fond of, did not forget to him the opportunity imposes a practice more. For instance, when family birthday, encourage everybody to perform a program, recite essay by turns in the evening every week and publish a result, the interesting thing that allows the child to experienced that day is narrated or the record comes down …… is more important is, let the child help to the opportunity at any time, want be his in one's power only, if wash a bowl, pull the land, receive the dress to wait. Do more skilled more so, have hope more, the child just won't shrink back in self-abased in the corner that shuts oneself.

Since give the child the chance,await patiently, be about to await the child to develop latent capacity patiently. Some parents make do not move the child to do household thing temporarily, flat oneself are done; Disrelish the child to won't shop, simply oneself go out; Cognizance child studies bad book, help him inscribe a problem to review …… as time passes, the child gives birth to a laziness, the heart thinks anyway parents can ask for help certainly aid, reap where one has not sown of readily take the opportunity to, let be asleep from the “ gift ” of the book. So, grouse when parents when the child is lazy, might as well examine one's conscience, whether to lack patience to the child, the one sky of ” of loot of expressional opportunity “ the child.

Give encourage start work when him child do, when the mouth says, should give him the applause that praise and encourages for certain. Because, even if talent, the opportunity that also needs to have a practice will brew confidence, go more suitable more after that. If be only blindly blow, criticism, the child can be killed so disconcerted that carry do not start, also do not agree to try again, be born to want what what hope to rely on parents firstly eventually.

And when should accomplish above, do father and mother want not only at any time him be cautious bearing of words and deeds, and more important is the culture level that should raise oneself, reinforce the culture of each respect.

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