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How to develop the heart of the child that be the same as manage
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After emperor's son-in-law listens, had inspiration immediately, lift cup say: Ground of sift of confused of “ Bai Xue. ”

County too father listens, too simple, immediately immediately couplet: This is “ royal luck is angry. ”

Member outside in abdomen although do not have how many ink, but also wag his head chant path: Does “ leave might as well one year again? ”

Right now, hear to an indignant sound transmits outside the window only: “ puts the nonsense of your woman! ” has one beggar outside before, leng Dese a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument quivers!

Beggar because with the county too the person unfavorable situation such as father is different, one end one rich, one Leng Yinuan, natural psychology reaction is disparate also.

In domestic education, because parents and child are in different age, different position, different point of view, constant regular meeting has different psychological reaction and psychology to experience. If want mutual understanding, communicate good, be about to learn conversion to think, education “ is the same as manage heart ” . Cause misunderstanding, conflict and even confrontation in that way with respect to exemple of meeting as above otherwise.

What is the heart that be the same as manage?

The heart that be the same as manage is understanding and the psychology that feel the other side, what resemble experiencing oneself is same; Spoken parts in an opera compare the heart the heart namely, the eye that uses opposite party will view the world, the heart that uses opposite party will experience the world, have psychological exchange with the other side. For example, after the child comes home, say: Red today red Chinese took an examination of “ to fail. ” her meaning is probable it is to exploring parental manner, its unspoken words in a play left to the understanding of the audience or reader is: If I also am taken an examination of badly, how are you met? Be like again, when when parents critical child ought not to bunt with the uncle of lodge, the child is oral going up is to agree, but reveal however on the face distain or the expression such as grievance, what probable thing thinks without parental place is so simple, in child heart have idea additionally. The child's every word and deed, every act, one instantly silent, casual an eyes that is aware of the sigh between, not easily, mirrorring the ” of “ nature's mystery of his heart, if we go carefully appreciate, go attentively catching, can defeat interpret among them “ concealed justice ” , understand his heart, this, be the same as manage heart namely.

How to develop the heart that be the same as manage?

Above all, want to learn to listen attentively to.

Want to respect the child, invite child conversation, do not think dot what also does not understand, want to listen to him seriously, dedicatedly to speak.
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