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How is the parent communicated effectively with the child
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1, listen attentively to them how to say, and must listen attentively to attentively.

2, the every word and deed that beautiful time learns to understand them truly, every act.

3, what become father and mother like us is same, the child also is not perfect of course, reason mights as well admit their original model!

4, often spend significant time together with them.

5, the brotherly sister that does not follow the child them makes “ painstakingly transverse compare ” .
6, often make to the child with its negative, still be inferior to finding a few words that represent affirmation to say.

7, do not forget to praise —— to tell them you feel for them proud.

8, the friend that courtesy treats them.

9, the trouble that can say with them your heart is medium, such they can understand: Encounter a trouble be not have them only.

10, the activity that joins organization of their nursery school enthusiasticly, if games, performance is meeting, manual work exhibition.

11, the opinion that some things can seek them completely or view.

12, the article that has to them should give likewise esteem.

13, might as well often burst out laughing together with them.

14, the issue that discovers you and child like to do jointly hard, in participating in its.

15, the job that assigns the child to nursery school is likewise enthusiastic.

16, the interest place that patient ground observes and discovers them.

17, dine more together with them as far as possible, or cook together.

18, can say to them sometimes, you think they very have real skill.

19, let them know, you are happy to become their helper and backup force at any time and place.

20, make explanatory current affairs need patient.

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