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What should educational child parent do
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Education child's good morality quality wants to begin from the behavior convention with good education

Through more than 20 years of reforming and opening and economic construction, chinese socioeconomy produced the change of world-shaking. Have moral level and economic progress synchronism only however, our social ability coordinates development. Breathe out Qing Dynasty of Li Yue of vice director of standing committee of city National People's Congress thinks, hold together is whole the force that the force of ethical tradition goodness should be morality above all, so the development of the China of force hold together with morality is very necessary. Li Yue Qing Dynasty says, “ enhances the meaning that teachs to minor moral education and action today will be very far-reaching. What be benefited finally in the future is whole the Chinese nation. After ” of ”“ Culture Revolution, we are done very not quite to the education of ” of “ personal morals, honour old love young, toe the mark, “ benevolence, justice, ceremony, wisdom, the education that believes ” to wait traditional to the individual morality a moment is not worth particularly. Li Yue Qing Dynasty thinks, undertake to minor thought morality is taught must specific, make from the bagatelle of every little bit, ten million cannot too too macroscopical, abstract. Our traditional education always regards minor as by fictile object, engraft for children the concept of a few very profound, abstraction, this lets children understand hard, cannot be together this kind of concept and specific behavior connection especially. If we tell patriotism should specific arrive, our ensign must bright-coloured and neat, when raising national flag must the be filled with deep esteem. Minor knew how to be done only, just meet gradually a kind of good deed is used to nurturance. Li Yue Qing Dynasty suggests, concerned branch is strengthening minor thought morality to teach a respect to want to make piece a few small, specific requirement, for instance: Include the parent inside to enter ban inside campus on smoking; Teach do what one says of child honesty be as good as one's word; Toe the mark is waited a moment. Nurturance of a minor habit, study habit, habits and customs meets good deed all one's life to be benefited, strengthen minor morality character to teach Ying Congpei to raise good behavior convention to begin so.

Cannot do knowledge only model the nurturance of the social person that teach and ignores health of a morality, full-scale development

Actually, respect of morality of current minor thought is put in the crux of the problem of the problem, depend on education and adult society. Above all, educational intellectual education is consummate with utilitarian tendency, incorporate is what the tigidity of mark and proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade is a feature to should try mode, really greatly dominant is worn the behavior means of minor and valuation. At the same time however atrophic the affection edify of minor and mental pursuit. “ in proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade the direct of this one standard falls, skill of school existence ‘ the phenomenon of hard ’ of soft, skill. Proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade makes good job, moral education became soft job. ” breathes out the investment that solid of day of cloth of A of principal of school of city the Monggol nationality hopes to be able to strengthen moral education respect. He with breathing out school of city the Monggol nationality is exemple, in last few years the school increases somewhat in the investment of education field, and the investment in culture establishment respect is less however, in the absense of funds, antiquated books is in the library, cannot satisfy the student's requirement at all. Breathe out Hao Yingyuan of secretary of the 14th middle school appeals city aloud media, do not acclaim ” of Number One Scholar of “ the university entrance exam again later, schools of such very easy misdirect and parent, no matter be the school,will be being returned henceforth is media should cogent the first place that puts moral education in education. It is good to should publicize those moral characters more, have deep love for labor, find pleasure to help others, honour old love young the student is typical, progressively form advocates into whole society the social atmosphere of good behavior, build the growing environment of a pure health to minor.
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