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Obstacle of audition of English of junior high school trains strategy
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One, audition understands an obstacle

The obstacle of ABC of 1, language

Audition is the summation that listen and understands. The process that audition understands is the process that people uses all sorts of knowledge and mastery of a skill or technique. In audition process, the student mastered the discretion of degree to decide the difference of rate of audition understanding and response to language ABC.

Language sonic barrier hinders: Some students did not master the accurate pronunciation of every word at the beginning, if things go on like this, be opposite especially the word of pronunciation close, cannot discern correctly a few easy and promiscuous phonemes, be like Sheep---Ship, house---Horse.

Language fast obstacle: Speed ratio of language of lecture of some English teacher is slower, the student formed a habit, encounter normal signal fast audition material cannot suit. If be encountered again a few read repeatedly, read infirmly, accent, break explode, accent shifts the change that waits for speech dialect, it is not know what to do more.

English speech difference: Ying Meiying language besides the difference on the vocabulary, endless also on pronunciation identical, some pronunciation difference is quite big still. And education of our country English basically used Briticism education system in the past. As open to the outside world, grow in quantity of beautiful tone teaching material has popular tendency, because some students are not familiar with the difference of Ying Meiyu sound, produced audition obstacle.

Lexical obstacle: Student flower phraseology collects the size of the quantity, control competence, one word is much justice with homonymous phenomenon, have student audition understanding to cause certain difficulty.

The obstacle that 2, mother tongue disturbs

A lot of students are in after hearing news of a paragraph of speech, often suffer mother tongue interference, the habit chases word interpreter to come out sentence by sentence with Chinese, and the scene with cannot believe speech breath translate into certain directly, cannot undertake thinking with English directly, much an intermediate link, interpret of this kind of heart affected response rate and memorial result.

The obstacle of cultural background of 3, culture

The language is the form of a kind of expression of culture, the language literature knowledge that regards the student that will learn a foreign language as to must have certain flower beauty history English, still need understanding and the habits and customs that are familiar with people of country of a few flower beauty, culture setting, local customs reachs way of life, because many high school students lack the knowledge of this respect, audition understanding produces certain difficulty. Thanksgiving often can appear in be like material of a few audition, aprilFool student waits not to understand very to western thanksgiving, all fools' day, meet these right spellbound feeling.
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