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Intermediary of collect lake family education
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Intermediary of collect lake family education is by middle and primary school each division is outstanding the family education center that the teacher establishs, basically coach Ao Ying of Chinese of middle and primary school, maths, English, physics, chemical, science, abstruse number and MBA are taken an examination of grind, take an examination of oneself kind advanced maths (calculus, linear algebra and several manage statistic) , outside teach English. Each division teachs the teacher all is worker of education of old a gleam of, practice education is seasoned. Attend class the form uses group tax or man-to-man, adjacent to degree, acceptance uses group tax without the student of apparent difference, and execute to the student with study particularly outstanding or more fragile ability man-to-man attend class, accomplish those who let every student utmost to improve result truly, obtain progress, rise to solve the ability of the problem integratedly, give a student a self-assurance, give the parent a hope, the language is empty and indigent, only the student's achievement just is the vividdest language, the success of many student witnesses actual strength, public praise witnesses sincere letter!

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