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Family education of Shenzhen part-time job
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Division of yellow ridge name, in all be city key now, learn from the advanced, senior teacher that teachs 20 years, the graduation class that has more than 10 years guards a pass experience! Participate in the university entrance exam to change for many times roll propositional work is studied in reaching! Abstruse number coach. Student much person is taken an examination of deep other school of medium, city, Beijing University, Tsinghua! Last year, one person acquires high school gold prize of league matches of silver-colored award of countrywide maths league matches, physics. 2 people obtain junior high school gold prize of countrywide maths league matches. Elementary school has 3 people to win China cup gold. High school student has 5 people to win first prize of contest of countrywide English ability, composition contest early or late! Above of all student achievement B is taken an examination of in. 30% students A . The university entrance exam has 50% students 700 minutes above. Recruit: Maths of elementary school, junior high school, high school, English, science (physical) . 2-3 of moderate rate student the month raises 15-30 to divide! Assure the result absolutely.

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