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Family education of Shenzhen maths full-time
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Family of the home in Shenzhen city serves limited company to held water 1995, be located in Shenzhen city deep south in road 1027 (bureau of town work safeguard) on the right side of Ba Ding street 163, it is a major is engaged in domestic service, management and advisory service orgnaization. The company serves trade association for Chinese family now standing director unit, association of service industry of Shenzhen city household is standing director unit.

The company holds to “ to be civilian, benefit civilian, how civilian, civilian the association aim of ” , through exploration of more than 10 years and development, the company is service person-time to amount to 9000 much person-time, the administrator is versed in 32, on guard clerk 36800 much people, business area achieves 1200 square metre; The service conforms to the principle of simplicity odd domestic clerk, expand offer children family education, advanced chamberlain, confinement to nurse to the client at present, the family such as woman of household assistant, hutch serves, for Shenzhen family service demand offers all-around solution, obtained good society and economic benefits.

The company concerns branch and association support to fall in the country, push rural labor move, city actively again obtain employment project and side of speak or sing alternately of impoverished area “ support ” project, with each province city works many times 160 the branch such as office of project of bureau, the Women's Federation, sunshine, school built wide service to carry a significance in all, be the same as home 20 many groom base began order service cooperation. Was in those who be aimed at market of Shenzhen family education in August 2003 increasingly the psychological characteristic of fractionize and children, the domestic individuation that expanded children family education serves a product, start publication Shenzhen newspaper of the first homemaking industry sex " the family serves a gazette " , patted produce a film to make homemaking VCD groom teaching material, industry of homemaking of rate preexistence China pursued the standardization management system with advanced international 2005, development used the software of OA of homemaking business management with banner industry, in indicating, homemaking industry strode the country the brand-new canto of modernization management! The company has the honor to win course of study of homemaking of “ whole nation for many times Shenzhen of ” of outstanding brand unit, “ one of 7 homemaking demonstrative units sincere letter serves ” , “ homemaking of whole nation of outstanding unit ” , “ is advanced groom the title such as unit ” .

Hundred years homemaking of “ , sincere letter is base ” . Look into future, the home will act on “ in sincere letter is consummate, creation is perfect, serve the business purpose of masses ” , hold to “ value the biggest the management concept that changes ” , the home in advancing the mechanism with best “ actively to be in, first-class talent is in in, best management is in in, first-class service is in in, best product is in in the strategic goal of domestic ” , the company construction becomes the homemaking with top-ranking international to serve a group, it is “ harmonious Shenzhen hard, benefit Shenzhen ” makes contribution!
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