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Make family education note
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1, should be good at promoting oneself. As the undergraduate, leave a society to have a job already very close, should know so how to go showing oneself to promote oneself, of course, this should build the base in honesty over! Had better be in the first time try the parent and student can move when telling, glamour of the advantage oneself, disposition, professional quality is shown in the round come out, the certain minor strong point that perhaps is you can move the parent, make it this family education! Although try,do not explain a success this also is god-given show a chance, at least knows he should be improved in where! Of course we need not look with view of this kind of gain and loss treating all problems is!

2, come to cannot be late for the first time, also had better not arrive early. Arrive early to make the parent easily passive, if arrive too early, can turn around; Arrive late to break his promise, also can make the parent anxious.

3, should notice ceremony, wearing detail especially, move outfit should be neat and easy, for instance schoolgirl first time attends class wear miniskirt improper. At ordinary times the way one speaks or what he says wants neither haughty nor humble, do not want the sensitive topic such as origin of the belongings in the working income of refer parent, home.

4, have a meal please to the parent, of draft fruit and so on, should politely decline. When attending class best oneself take a glass, it is better that water also is taken oneself. If you love to smoke, ambitious bearing, the parent asks you should say won't.

5, lesson of qualifications and record of service of the disposition ability that should be good at using oneself, skill, experience inspire, infection, lead student. Student is to need to encourage quite, of affirmation and praise, if your disposition is optimistic, verbal and humorous, that attends class to have appeal possibly quite, student also welcomes such teacher quite; If you are in some respect technical ability is stronger, tell a standard, fluent English, the university entrance exam to count manage to convert a mark for instance very tall, your affirmation is then welcome, but the welcome is on one hand, whether been tell is other one thing, this asks we learn to inspire institutional guiding student, set as its consider, make its integrated ability obtains essence to rise, such ability go down family education continuously!

The life in university campus is rich and colorful, but the world outside campus is very wonderful likewise! The undergraduate should learn to get used to this society, conquer even dictate this society, accordingly we should hammer into shape in each respects oneself, family education is a very good form, wish we can grow ceaselessly on the arena of family education!
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