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Family education of English of Long Hua maths serves Shenzhen
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Hierarch of home of English of maths of high school of Shenzhen junior high school tells Mr. Zhang, guangxi Normal University graduated 2000, high school maths is engaged in teaching 6 years in middle school of Guangxi county key, take 2 the university entrance exam, one class teachs the teacher in. Shenzhen learns to teach in some now. Come 8 years, mr. Zhang is engaged in teacher and student of mathematics of associate junior high school, high school, accumulated rich teaching experience, have family education experience of 10 years. Can have to different student teach a law differently, easily collude with, can common ground explains maths. Thinking is nimble, get the student's welcome. Especially to in take an examination of and the university entrance exam is having original research. Be engaged in family education coaching old, gathered heart of a batch of responsibility level of strong, education the pedagogic team with tall, experienced education. Greeting incoming telegram seeks advice!

C3 of first phase of Changjiang Delta of Ou Longhua samite of Shenzhen city Baoan 135 rooms

Phone: Mathematical English only complementary: 13480649294 Mr. Zhang teachers fax:  play?

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