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Shenzhen spy progression learns a teacher to coach
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Mr. Chen is teacher of Shenzhen name school, save leader of class maths course, propositional person portion is checked in, education of 23 years carries out experience, education effect is distinct. Mr. Chen extracurricular coachs in attending the examinee that takes an examination of in 2006, always divide 800 minutes of above 2 people, 700 minutes of above in all 5 people, 600 minutes of above in all 9 people. The 7 people of mathematical A , occupy 30% ; The 16 people of A above, occupy 70% ; Above of all examinee B (B above occupies 90%) . Learn to much person is taken an examination of in longan among them went up deep foreign language of medium, experiment, city. In the examination questions in 2006, the maths of Mr. Chen forecasts the form that inscribe a problem to cover a range 100% , the problem is primary problem or approach primary problem partly. Listen to Mr. Chen lecture, let you experience newest new best teaching method: Others knows you know, others does not know you also know; Your metropolis that others meets, others won't you also are met. Make you progressively become the best of its kind to be born, in making your one pace trend deep. ” of mathematical grow into useful timber aids the — of artistic conception of maths of — of thought of maths of — of “ maths method of Mr. Chen you move toward successful path.

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